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The international plot against leader Abdullah Ocalan began to expel him from Syria 24 years ago. The Ocalan leader was handed over to the Turkish state on February 15, 1999 and has been resisting in strict solitary confinement in Imrali prison ever since. We haven’t heard from him for 19 months, as the conditions of isolation have become even tougher. The Turkish state continues its efforts to deprive him of the “right to hope”. In such a situation; The Committee Against Torture visited Imrali suddenly and unexpectedly. However, he did not provide any information on the chief, Abdullah Ocalan, as it became clear that a further disciplinary sanction had been imposed on the chief ahead of the commission’s visit to Imrali.

The leader’s lawyer, Abdullah Ocalan, spoke; Newroz Uysal on the international conspiracy, the extreme isolation, the sudden visit of the Committee against Torture to Imrali and “the right to hope”.

At what stage does the international plot continue?

Newroz Uysal said: “Legally, what we call international detention does not exist, neither in Turkish laws, nor in international and European asylum treaties, nor in the entity and decisions of the European Court of human rights (DMME). This continues today with the isolation and the absence of judicial decisions and despite the objection to isolation in the political sense, and regardless of the fact that the international plot aims to end the influence of Abdullah Ocalan and of the Kurdish movement in the person of Abdullah Ocalan, but if he does not continue in the same way and with the conception of the four parts of Kurdistan, he continues by obstructing the realization of a political entity in Kurdistan with its four parts and by not responding to Turkey’s war on Kurdistan.

Newroz Uysal went on to say: “The insistence on pursuing the main objective of the conspiracy continues, and at the same time, leader Abdullah Ocalan continues to adhere to his principles to Imrali, and to the loyalty of the Kurdish people. and peoples of the Middle East to Mr. Ocalan continues.

The practices Imrali witnessed 24 years ago

A lot has changed in Imrali maximum security prison in the person of leader Ocalan in 24 years. Newroz Uysal commented on these changes and amendments saying, “Imrali represents the establishment of a public system and it is a system that has been established and maintained under a private system since its construction until now. This system has legal and political aspects. The main reason for Abdullah Ocalan’s arrest at Imrali prison is that she is on an island. He has been detained alone on Imrali Island for 10 years.

It faces strict security measures.

Nowruz Uysal revealed that there are special guard units, the exact number of which has not yet been revealed, standing outside the section where the leader is being held. The building he is being held in is similar to the rest of Turkish prisons, but it is an isolated area where he is being held alone.”

Notify health services

Newroz Uysal explained that he was forbidden to speak to the guards for years and continued: “Only the prison administration can meet him whenever they want. The conditions in which Ocalan is being held do not allow him to communicate directly with anyone. on an island, it takes a long time to support yourself. Going to another city takes 3-4 hours. It is therefore necessary to send health services to the island. So far, there is no specialized medical team on the island. There is an attempt to overcome this through general practitioners who change every 15 days or by hiring specialist doctors as needed. But this is not enough.

There is no legal basis to prevent meetings

Newroz Uysal commented on the legal work of the Committee against Torture, which has 46 members under its banner, saying: “The Committee against Torture is an international organization for the prevention of torture and is responsible for monitoring the situation in prisons Turkey in accordance with the treaties of Turkey and the European Union. We have submitted hundreds of applications as lawyers for him since his transfer. Imrali prison so far. The reason for these requests is to prevent the allegation of torture for which the Committee against Torture was created. The way to avoid this is to make regular annual or monthly visits to these countries, to publish reports on the countries concerned and to inform these countries of the status of the reports, and after having informed these countries. Countries willingly share this report…but they have the right and authority to make a statement. It’s a very long process.”

Only 9 visits since 1999

Uysal explained that Imrali prison is the only one of its kind among the prisons of the 46 countries under the influence of the Committee against Torture and referred to this recognition by the Committee against Torture itself. He pointed out that the committee should make regular and periodic visits to Imrali Island due to the violation of legal treaties, inhumane and immoral practices that Imrali is witnessing. Uysal said the committee should exert diplomatic and legal pressure to change the existing system in Imrali by carrying out visits and preparing periodic reports every 3 to 6 months. Change the status quo by changing the diplomatic pressure tool. Except for the last visit, only eight visits were made. It is a very weak and irresponsible position that is only taken when necessary.”

“The Committee against Torture made an unscheduled visit”

Newroz Uysal revealed that they did not know the reason for the recent visit of the Committee against Torture to Turkey and commented on this visit saying: “Their last visit is not part of their plan. They came to inspect immigration services and refugee centers and Imrali is the only prison they visited. We send periodic reports every three months to the Committee against Torture. At certain periods, we held face-to-face meetings and made many requests and pleaded a lot for the absence of any news for 19 consecutive months. We do not know if this visit was made as a result of requests we submitted, or increased international pressure and appeals, or because of the request made by over 2,000 lawyers for the Ministry of Justice, the Committee against Torture and the Council of Europe.

Newroz Uysal continued: “These visits take place as a normal procedure without informing us, they do not bear such responsibility. They are not obliged to inform people after the visit. They only make a statement that they are coming to visit us. is a very exceptional prison in legal terms. They recently described torture and its system in their 2020 report. The implementation system is not considered humane and they said it should be changed. They also made several proposals to Turkey regarding communication with the outside world. But this was never implemented. There is an isolation and we insist on tightening it. The Committee against Torture has no reports and does not even fulfill its responsibilities and its treaties.

The position of the European Court of Human Rights is no different from that of the Committee against Torture

Lawyer Newroz Uysal clarified that the position of the European Court of Human Rights is not very different from that of the Committee against Torture and said: “Abdullah Ocalan has so far submitted dozens of to the European Court of Human Rights. The Court has sometimes witnessed torture and has admitted solitary confinement in its decisions. He took the decision to modify the law adopted by Turkey. Based on his security concerns, and there are decisions to determine the law on the political position of Abdullah Ocalan. And if we summarize the situation of the European Court of Human Rights; Finally, after eight years, five lawyers visited Ocalan. Family reunions have also been hampered for years. He asked for it and it ended. All legal proceedings have been in place for more than 10 years and the legal process ended about two years ago, but the European Court of Human Rights has not issued any decision. The process of promulgation of this law does not take much time. There is a mechanism that applies across the stages of time, as it suspends and predicts political and temporal processes. Unfortunately, the position of these mechanisms has encouraged Turkey to continue its current isolation and made it participate in these inhumane practices.

It should be noted that on March 18, 2014, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in the case of the request for a severe life sentence against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, who is being held in solitary confinement strict in Imrali prison for 23 years. In its response to the European Council after its request for execution of the decision of the European Court of Human Rights, the Turkish state admitted that the “right to hope” had not been used.

The right to hope” and the leader Ocalan

On March 18, 2014, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that leader Abdullah Ocalan had been sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. This is a violation of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights. This decision, known as “Ocalan 2”, refers to the deprivation of the leader of the “right to hope”, which leads to a violation of the prohibition of torture.

After the Turkish state took no action regarding the violation decision; On August 9, the al-Asr law firm submitted a request to the Committee of Ministers of the European Council. In its response to the request, Turkey admitted to having deprived the leader, Ocalan, of the “right to hope”.

The Committee of Ministers of the European Council has invited Turkey to provide information on the progress made in the implementation of the general measures by the end of September 2022.

Newroz Uysal spoke of the “right to hope” that leader Ocalan has been deprived of, saying, “The right to hope is that the inmate will not remain in prison until death. The abolition of related legal reforms to this and the non-abolition of the right to leave prison.

Lawyer Newroz Uysal also explained that they reiterated the committee’s demands to change the laws in Turkey and went on to say: “It does not oblige Turkey to respect a period of 25 years, because it can limit this period of ten or fifteen years. can also issue a formal decision not to impede or impede Abdullah’s freedom.” Ocalan changes the laws and puts in place very different regulations. At the end of this process, the necessary legal reforms can pave the way for the freedom of ‘Abdullah Ocalan, and on the contrary, very different things can happen. No doubt what will determine this is the seriousness of the legal fight for lawyers on the one hand and the close monitoring by institutions and people in Turkey and the world of law and human rights. Because the committee is not yet ready to take a serious step in this file. We will strive tirelessly until this is achieved.”

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