US Navy forced to pay software company for hack

The US Navy was found guilty of hacking and ordered to pay a software company $154,400 for a lawsuit filed in 2016. Gizmodo reports: The company, Bitmanagement Software GmbH, filed a lawsuit against the Navy, accusing the military branch of copyright infringement. GmbH claimed to have released 38 copies of its 3D virtual reality software, BS Contact Geo, but while they were still in negotiations for additional licenses, the Navy installed the software on at least 558,466 machines between 2013 and 2015. In the court filing (PDF), GmbH said, “Without Bitmanagement’s prior consent or knowledge, the Navy installed BS Contact Go on hundreds of thousands of computers. Bitmanagement did not license or authorized these uses of its software, and the Navy has never compensated Bitmanagement for these uses of Bitmanagement’s software.”

The company sued the Navy for nearly $600 million for “deliberate copyright infringement” of software that, according to the vendor’s website, is a 3D viewer that “allows you to view and interact with state-of-the-art 2D/3D content”, and is based on digital data captured from “various sources (surveys, CAD, satellite imagery, airborne laser scanning, etc.)”. Court documents said that after GmbH filed a lawsuit in July 2016, the Navy uninstalled BS Contact Geo software from all of its computers and “later reinstalled the software on 34 seats, for inventory purposes. “. GmbH wrote in the court filing: “The government knew or should have known that it was required to obtain a license to copy the Bitmanagement software onto each of the devices on which the Bitmanagement software was installed. The government nevertheless did not failed to obtain such licenses.”

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