Unlimited potential to build new facilities, housing for people aging outside of the foster care system

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – An organization that helps those preparing to become legal adults who are still in the foster care system says it is in the early stages of creating a facility that will give them a place where to go.

Unlimited potential purchased the nursing home at 1115 Anderson Street in College Station and plans to demolish it to build housing for all of the clients they serve.

Unlimited Potential is an organization that serves young people who have left foster care aged 18-25. They provide things like housing assistance, case management, educational assistance and more. Executive Director Kelyn Wardlaw knows the many challenges people face when they are no longer in the foster care system.

“Homelessness is rampant for this population once they turn 18 and often they are told where you want to go and they are given their belongings and dropped off and told good luck,” said said Wardlaw.

According The Texas Grandstand more than 1,200 children age out of foster care in Texas each year.

“Based on a variety of factors, they may not be eligible for housing, so what do we do,” Wardlaw said. “Residential would provide that stabilizing place where they can come, we can understand all of their needs and start working on a plan instead of moving you from hotel to hotel or shelter to shelter.”

Glo Hays, board member of Unlimited Potential, also believes this accommodation will teach them the things needed to be prepared when they go out on their own and have their own home one day.

“We want our clients to learn how to live in a family-type situation where there will be problems. There are going to be ups and downs, but we hope to overcome that and learn skills that will allow them to do well,” Hays said.

Unlimited Potential expects its new facility to be completed in 12 to 18 months.

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