Programs to Help Taxpayers in Need of Tax Relief Services

Countless men and women have seen their financial situation drastically change as a result of the global pandemic and the deadlocks that have accompanied it. The Internal Revenue Service recognized that many people were struggling to settle their tax debts and chose to make changes to help taxpayers get through tough times. For example, they provided these taxpayers with a means to make payments or find alternatives to settle any outstanding balances.

The IRS Position

The IRS says it remains committed to helping people who owe taxes to the federal government. While taxpayers have always had options for resolving unpaid taxes, the IRS Taxpayer Relief Initiative has extended the tools. Additionally, these tools are beneficial for individuals who have always filed and paid their taxes on time but are struggling to do so now due to the pandemic. A person should find out how quickly take advantage of these programs to get much needed relief.

New measures

Some payment plan options have been extended from 120 days to 180 days, and taxpayers who find it difficult to comply with the terms of their accepted offer in compromise agreement will be given some flexibility. Certain balances resulting from new taxes will automatically be transferred to an existing remittance agreement by the IRS without any action on the part of the taxpayer. According to, this helps them avoid breaking the deal.

People who owe less than a designated amount can establish an installment agreement without the accompanying documents if the payment they are offering is sufficient, and the IRS will not file a federal tax lien if the amount owed is less than the established figure and taxpayers owe only for the 2019 tax year.

Finally, any qualified person with a direct debit agreement can go online to change the amount they pay each month and change the due date. Tax increase can be useful for people who need help navigating these new measures.

Additional measures

A taxpayer also has the option of contacting the IRS to ask the agency to temporarily delay any collection activity. They can ask for an offer in compromise to settle the bill for less than what is owed or ask for penalty relief. Most individuals find that they can seek help without ever speaking to an IRS agent. However, this is not the case for all relief measures, so a taxpayer must understand what steps he must take to obtain relief.

Communication remains essential when it comes to dealing with the IRS. Targeted property tax relief needed to help taxpayers and protect local services is available with other aids. The problem will not go away and the agency aggressively treats those who are behind on their taxes.

Seek help as soon as you realize they are having trouble meeting their tax obligations. Prompt action keeps penalties and interest to a minimum so the taxpayer doesn’t fall further behind. If one wants help navigating through the options to determine which one is best for a situation, turn to a tax relief provider. They will help to solve the problem so that one can move forward in life.

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