New York Estate Planning Attorney Kristine M. Carranceja-Gurski Explains the Role of an Estate Planning Lawyer

New York Estate Planning Attorney Kristine M. Carranceja-Gurski of Matus Law Group publishes a new article ( explaining the work of a New York estate planning attorney. The lawyer mentions that it takes a lot of effort and hard work to accumulate wealth and assets. In estate planning, an individual essentially plans for their future and ensures that their estate will be distributed according to their wishes in the event of their death.

“Estate planning is more than just a set of legal guidelines and forms governed by law. It is the heart and soul of the culmination of lifelong projects. At The Matus Law Group, we treat it as such. Regardless of the complexities of legal planning, we understand the critical responsibility you have entrusted to us in designing and planning a tailored estate plan,” says the New York City Estate Planning Attorney.

According to the lawyer, estate planning includes planning for the future of a child with special needs and care through trusts. The trust can help to legally protect the estate and ensure that the child has access to all public benefits. They will be eligible for Supplemental Security Income benefits once the child turns 18.

Estate planning attorney Kristine M. Carranceja-Gurski says that in New York, estate planning requires the creation of a will. This document outlines a person’s wishes regarding the management of their estate after their death. The probate process will be long and complicated without a legal will.

Attorney Carranceja-Gurski also says a will is an essential tool for estate planning. A will allows a person to bequeath their real estate and financial assets to people of their choice. A will can also be used to designate who will be the legal guardian of young children left behind.

Lawyer Carranceja-Gurski also explains that a will is a great first step, but sometimes a trust can be a better option. Trusts will provide asset and estate protection and tax benefits. These features may not be available in a will. According to the attorney, “a trust forms a separate, third-party legal entity that can hold assets and an estate in the name of a beneficiary, which can be useful for estate planning and tax benefits.”

Finally, the Estate Planning Lawyer stresses the importance of having an experienced estate planning lawyer. An experienced attorney can help clients understand their rights and responsibilities, as well as guide them in making the right decisions.

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