NEW: US government hits surviving TV star Richard Hatch with new lawsuit

Friday, September 09, 2022

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Richard Hatch, now the subject of a new federal trial. PICTURES: File

Richard H. Hatch Jr. of Newport, winner of the first season of the CBS reality show ‘Survivor,’ was hit with a US tax lawsuit in Rhode Island District Court on Friday .

The federal lawsuit seeks to enforce tax liens against real estate owned by Hatch, who served five years in prison for tax evasion after failing to report his $1 million earnings from the show.

The complaint also names his sister Kristin Hatch and various financial institutions, including Citizens Bank and Bank of America, as well as other defendants who may have competing claims of privilege.


According to the government lawsuit:

“On January 26, 2006, a jury found Mr. Hatch guilty of two counts of tax evasion for the 2000 and 2001 tax years. And on May 24, 2006, Mr. Hatch was sentenced to 51 months in ‘incarceration with 3 years of supervision.As part of his sentence, Mr. Hatch was also required to file amended tax returns for the 2000 and 2001 tax years and pay all taxes due and payable for those years , But he did not do it.

And the new government lawsuit claims two Newport properties controlled by members of the Hatch family were improperly transferred from Richard Hatch to Kristin Hatch. The government is asking, among other things, to find “a determination that Kristin M. Hatch is the mere nominee of Richard H. Hatch, Jr., and that Richard H. Hatch, Jr., is the true and equitable owner of the real property.” , or, in the alternative, that Richard H. Hatch, Jr., fraudulently transferred the real estate to Kristin M. Hatch and that such transfers are void and void as to the United States…”

And the government seeks “an order imposing a resulting trust on the 23 Annandale property for the benefit of the creditors of Richard H. Hatch, Jr., as the United States insofar as all purchase money was provided by Richard H. Hatch, Jr…”

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