Insider’s Guide for the Newport Beach City Council Meeting September 28

Grace Leung, City Manager of Newport Beach

By Grace Leung, City Manager of Newport Beach

Our next City Council meeting will be on Tuesday September 28th. Points that might interest you are highlighted below. The full agenda and all reports can be viewed here:

Study session at 4 p.m. Agenda items include:

  • The Council will review and discuss the library conference room project. Public Works, Library Boardroom Design Committee and Library Foundation members will present current concept plans for the Library Boardroom, an updated project schedule and cost estimates .

Regular session at 6 p.m.

On the consent schedule:

  • A resolution to create the ad hoc redistribution committee of the municipal council. The committee will be responsible for reviewing and adjusting the electoral district boundaries in accordance with the 2020 US Census. The seven City Council districts are adjusted every 10 years, following the census, based on demographic data put in place. up to date.
  • A resolution to create the ad hoc committee to update the general plan of the municipal council. The committee will make recommendations to City Council on updating the city’s general plan, including: reviewing legal requirements relating to individual elements of the general plan; identify a residents’ committee as well as roles and responsibilities; define the scope and initial priorities of the update; and establish a general timetable.
  • A completion notice for the Via Lido Soud and Nord mainline replacement project. The $ 4.04 million project replaced old deteriorated cast iron water mains, originally installed in the 1930s, along the outer ring road of Lido Isle. The project also included the replacement of a main cast iron pipe located on Via Antibes.

Public hearings and current affairs:

  • Review of the proposed 28 unit condominium development project at 150 Newport Center Drive. The applicant, Newport Center Anacapa Associates, LLC, is proposing to construct a four-story structure of 28 residential condominiums and amenity common areas on a two-level underground parking garage. The site is currently occupied by Newport Beach Car Wash, located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Newport Center Drive and Anacapa Drive, which is said to be demolished. Council will consider the approval of a general plan amendment, a zoning code amendment and a development agreement for the project.
  • A proposed contractual agreement with Mind OC to fund its Be Well OC mobile crisis response team for an initial period of one year. The deal would help address mental health issues among the city’s homeless population, as well as residents who may be experiencing a mental health crisis. Mind OC is a local non-profit organization focused on coordinating services between multiple public and private systems to provide mental health support to the community. As part of the program, experienced emergency counselors answer mental health calls for non-emergency police services or 911 hotlines. The team looks after the patient’s emotional, physical and social well-being. , thus reducing the need for police and EMS intervention. Patients can also be transported to a crisis center, drug rehabilitation center or shelter as needed. The cost of the program’s first year, approximately $ 1.2 million, would be offset by an anonymous donation from a Newport Beach resident of $ 132,000 for a pickup truck and installation costs. The remaining amount would be funded by $ 717,079 in federal grants and $ 376,101 from funding currently allocated to homeless shelter operations. Staff are looking for grants, additional donations, and other cost-sharing opportunities to offset future costs.

Information about the city council meeting

Newport Beach City Council meets the second and fourth Tuesday of most months (exceptions are August and December).

Typically there is a study session that starts at 4 p.m. A closed session often follows the study session. Closed sessions are generally intended to deal with legal, personnel and other matters where additional confidentiality is important.

The regular (evening) session usually starts at 6 p.m. and often has a specific list of different items ready for formal votes. Items in the “Consent Schedule” are heard all at once, unless a Board member has removed (aka “withdrawn”) an item from the Consent Schedule for specific discussion and separate voting. If it is recommended to “continue” an item on the agenda, this means that the item will not be heard or voted on that evening, but will be postponed to another notified meeting.

Public comments are welcome at both the study session and the regular session. The public can comment on any agenda item. If you want to comment on an item on the consent schedule that was not pulled from the consent schedule by a board member, you’ll want to do so at the time listed on the agenda – just before the board votes. on the entire consent calendar (it’s Roman Numeral XIII on the displayed agenda).

If an item is removed, the mayor will offer members of the public to comment, as that specific item is heard separately. In addition, there is a specific public comment section for items that are not on the agenda, but on a topic related to city government.

If you are unable to attend a meeting and / or wish to communicate directly with City Council, this email is reaching all of them: [email protected].

The city manager also receives a copy of the email, as in almost all cases this is something the city manager tracks.

The Council meets in the Council Chamber at 100 Civic Center Drive, next to Avocado between San Miguel and the East Coast Highway. There are plenty of parking spaces in the parking structure. You are always welcome to attend in person, but you can also watch Spectrum channel 30 and Cox channel 852 on TV or stream it to your computer.

This insider’s guide is not an attempt to summarize all of the agenda items – only those that seem to be of specific interest to the CEO. We encourage you to read the full agenda if you wish.

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