Imagine losing your property for less than $ 1,000

Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas will make the first sale in more than two years of overdue property taxes in Cook County on November 5, 2021.

About $ 163.4 million in unpaid property taxes in 2018 (due in 2019) is owed on 36,000 homes, businesses and land. Less than $ 1,000 is owed on 11,744 properties in Chicago and 7,700 properties in suburban Cook County.

Pappas sends the owners of these properties a certified mailing advising them that their unpaid taxes must be sold, which would constitute a lien on their properties. It is the first step in a process that can end with the loss of an asset.

Homeowners can avoid the tax sale by paying overdue taxes and interest before the sale begins. To see if your taxes are overdue – and to make a payment – visit cook and select “Avoid Tax Sales”. You can search by address or by property index number (PIN).

“About 75% of the taxes offered for sale relate to properties in predominantly black and Latino communities,” Pappas said. “This is why Black and Latino Houses Matter, my program to help homeowners find refunds and seek tax exemptions, is so important. “

Homeowners may be unaware that the taxes on their properties are directed toward the sale for taxes, as the U.S. Postal Service has returned invoices and subsequent notices on 17,702 properties.

Additionally, up to 207 seniors may not qualify for a seniors exemption and 184 seniors may be eligible for a seniors freeze – two exemptions that could lower their tax bill. “Everyone should visit for more information, ”Pappas said.

Under Illinois law, the annual tax sale is traditionally made 13 months after the due date, but has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Pappas plans to proceed with the sale of the 2019 unpaid taxes in May and the 2020 taxes in November 2022.

Check your properties before the tax sale begins on November 5th.

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