Blame and Deflection: Our New National Entertainment Fails

Our politics once felt like a big and relentless blame game, and our fingers are tired of pointing fingers at everything.

From Kabul to Covid, the scripts are pretty much the same. Liberals blame Conservatives, Republicans blame Democrats, Biden World blames Trump World, and the guys on Twitter undermine anyone who doesn’t like them.

And there is distancing by a former official (great art in itself). Scott Gottlieb, who headed the FDA under President Trump, said the pandemic would have been “different” and “nation-facing” if “the White House had had different leadership”. Besides not being able to use the White House “like an effective tyrant,” consistency was a big mistake.

Vaccination obligations are popular, even when Nicki Minaj and others are vaccinated

Speaking of coronavirus, I have seen men and former men blame themselves for months for responding to pandemics and manipulating vaccines.

John Norte of Breitbart offered a new argument:

“I have a strong desire for vaccination, and Biden, the media, Hollywood, and the left are generally as deliberately as clumsy as they can get to use reverse psychology against Trump supporters. to believe.

“They know the uglier they are, the more unvaccinated Trump supporters dig and refuse the vaccination. Well I think that’s a plan. They are vaccinated. We. Is not. Who won the argument? Who owns who? “

Trump and his allies attack Milly when Woodward’s book provokes nuclear reaction

I don’t like to make fun of unvaccinated people. Even anti-taxers who have died of illness do nothing to persuade others to take these life-saving shots. But are they mentally trying to get rid of Trump supporters so that they die? Diplomatically speaking, it is not easy.

The new book, Danger, reveals that General Mark Milley was concerned about Donald Trump’s mental stability, so he had a behind-the-scenes conversation with China and reviewed Pentagon officials on the nuclear launch process. to augment. Feeling her reputation affected under Trump, Millie apparently sought to prove herself by cooperating with the book. Trump then called the man he named chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff “stupid” and “stupid,” and also tore Bob Woodward apart to counterattack.

Woodward and co-author Robert Costa defended Millie yesterday on “Good Morning America,” Costa said the general “reads people”. [China’s] General Lee was being held on a top secret secret channel, but it was no secret. He wasn’t the one who worked in isolation… he hadn’t become a bad guy. “

Well, maybe. But what Millie did was a secret to us and Trump. That is why some Conservatives are calling for his impeachment or for treason charges.

To complete the tally, Jen Psaki assured reporters that Biden trusted Millie, and Trump reiterated that he had “favored the riots.”

When the Texas border crisis erupted during the Trump era, the media went ballistic and it was certainly a fair game to challenge the government’s tragic policy of separating families. But every day there was a story about whether to blame the president for humanitarian disasters.

Most of the media was pretty harsh on him when Biden’s policies led to an increase in the number of immigrants at the border, especially unaccompanied minors. But now they seem to have moved on from this story.

When 14,000 migrants, many of them Haitian refugees, gathered in the Texan city of Rio, the press reported it, but not as Biden’s failure or setback.

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The New York Times reported on the wave on Friday, effectively pointing out in the sixth paragraph that Biden’s policies were “interpreted by many as a sign that the United States was more welcoming to immigrants.” Labor later added that “Mr. Biden’s tenure was in line with the sharp deterioration in Haiti’s political and economic stability.

Yesterday, The Times ran a sympathetic article for the overwhelming population of Del Rio, stating that “all of this tension has turned the city into a political battleground, and the people have protested against the Biden administration.” . Said in writing.

President Joe Biden will speak on the end of the war in Afghanistan from the White House canteen in Washington on Tuesday, August 31, 2021. (AP Photo / Evan Vucci) ____ Former US President Donald Trump speaks to the media on the 7th July 2021 at a golf club in Bedminster, NJ.Reuters / Eduardo Munoz
(AP Photo / Evan Vucci | REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz)

Such framing is a method of deflecting attention from outright accusations, an approach the media has rarely taken under Trump.

Nicki Minaj’s tweet was an almost perfect case study with a finger pointed. First of all, hip-hop stars warned against vaccines. She tweeted that Trinidad’s cousin’s friend had swollen testicles and there was no evidence associated with a covid shot. Then MSNBC’s Joy Reid made her irresponsible. Minage then detonated Reed as a traitor to his race. Lawyers then said critics were trying to intimidate and silence Nikki. Just another day on Twitter.

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One of the politicians who quickly blames the enemy and is blasted by critics is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Year two lawmakers may have little influence on the Hills, but they’re quite used to telling people about her.

So she wore a white dress with “Tax the Rich” engraved on the card and arrived at the super flashy Met Gala in New York.

Supporters said she dealt a symbolic blow to people in this fascinating setting. Calumny called her a hypocrite who hobbled with the rich. Many of them pay relatively low taxes.

However, evening dress designer Aurora James had had 15 tax arrest warrants on her business because she was reluctant to pay her employee’s income tax. And when James didn’t fix the problem, the IRS placed over $ 100,000 in Link on his agency.

Finally someone who can agree that we are all responsible.

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