Biden issues executive order in response to abortion ruling

The groups called for more tangible actions, such as declaring a separate abortion-related public health emergency.

The announcement came as Democratic governors in Maine, Colorado, Rhode Island and North Carolina also signed executive orders this week establishing certain abortion protections in those states. The Senate Judiciary and Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committees are both to consider the implications of overturning Roe v. Wade in hearings next week as the House holds a vote on two abortion rights bills as early as Wednesday.

Most Democratic messaging has focused on increasing turnout in the 2022 midterms as a chance to land seats in Congress. Without larger margins, changes to federal abortion law are nearly impossible for both parties.

President Joe Biden, speaking at an event on Friday alongside Vice President Kamala Harris, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and Assistant Attorney General Lisa Monaco, said voting remains the way essential to protect access to abortion and called the decision of the Supreme Court a political decision.

“We need two more pro-choice senators and a pro-choice House to codify Roe as federal law,” Biden said. “Although I wish it hadn’t come to this, it’s the quickest route available. I’m just stating a basic fundamental notion. The quickest way to restore Roe is to pass a national law codifying Roe.

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