Allen Iverson pays $600,000 just to get off the hook

Allen Iverson has struggled with money before, but after paying off $600,000, he seems to be a little freer when it comes to how much he owes.

The 6-foot 76ers guard is one of the greatest players in NBA history to never win a championship ring. He tried many times and he was on some teams that really came close, but he never captured that elusive dream.

Iverson’s vintage move was his crossover. He regularly destroyed opponents with his crisp grips, and the only player who came close to his level of ball handling was Kyrie Irving. Iverson even got the great Michael Jordan with his move.

Iverson’s other vintage moment came in the 2001 NBA Finals when he shot Tyronn Lue and then stepped over him. The blow came in a massive upset win over the Kobe-Shaq Lakers, and even though the 76ers ultimately lost the series 4-1, the moment goes down in history.

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Allen Iverson pays off $600,000 in debt

In 2019, Iverson made headlines for getting in trouble with the US government over tax-related issues. The IRS filed a tax lien against Iverson.

Former NBA star owed $616,068.60 in back taxes, according to IRS report. Iverson had to pay $44,418.88 for 2010 and another whopping $571,649.72 for 2011.

However, Iverson repaid the amount in 2019 and was therefore exempt from the tax lien. This only partially set him back. Iverson still has a lot to pay back for years to come.

In September 2019, Iverson was hit with another tax lien that he owed $25,643.12 for 2012 and $174,465.25, bringing his total outstanding amount to $200,108.37. He was also fined $44,000 in additional interest and $27,000 in late payment penalties.

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