13 Investigations: Texas comptroller’s grab sign hangs at entrance to Taste Kitchen and Bar amid unpaid tax claims

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) — Taste Bar and Kitchen, a popular Midtown Houston restaurant that has come under fire for money owed to the state and ex-workers, was devoid of business activity on Tuesday as a notice from the Texas Comptroller’s office was hanging at its entrance.

Eyewitness News cameras captured a sign that read: ‘Property has been seized for unpaid taxes’.

In a saga that 13 Investigates has explored over the past few months, Taste’s owner, Chef Don Bowie, has been embroiled in multiple lawsuits, as well as bad paycheck claims from at least three former workers.

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Earlier this month, the Texas Comptroller’s Office revealed the hot spot failed to pay $162,872.14 in sales tax. In July, he filed a lien against the business for $14,782.08 in unpaid taxes for the month of February, which may explain why the owners were barred from their business.

Additionally, the Texas Workforce Commission also filed a lien in 2021 against the restaurant for $10,702.52 in unpaid taxes.

Despite unpaid taxes and lawsuits alleging owner Bowie took money from his restaurants, the business thrived.

Taste Bar and Kitchen has announced plans to open a location downtown and in Sugar Land.

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