Loan: Help To Furnish Your Home

Succeed in getting furniture for furniture from the Gandalf is possible. It is the financial aid to buy the least restrictive furniture to obtain when you have a small income. It remains to find a partner store accepting loans Gandalf, and there, it gets complicated, conditions of payment of the money hampering the collaboration of many traders. But do not panic, I give you my good plans.

Malfoy: furniture store approved by Gandalf

To furnish oneself, when one is in the galley, it is complicated. Once we have won the grail of the Gandalf, remains to find a good value for money to invest in furniture that will hold. Malfoy understood that there was a large number of beneficiaries to be satisfied, the Gandalf beneficiaries being customers like the others, which does not seem to have understood all the department stores.

What does a Gandalf beneficiary request from his furniture supplier?

The first thing is to be able to get a quote quickly, and for free, without having the right to the black eye of the seller who only thinks of his premium of sale. The quote Gandalf free is indeed not easy to obtain, if the store does not put the will necessary.

The other problem that a beneficiary may encounter when he is going to be furnished is the cost of delivery and assembly. In fact, an Koala holder still does not have a van at his disposal to take care of the transportation himself. He must therefore call on the delivery service of the store. Out, it can go up very quickly, and all the money that will be put in the assembly and in the delivery will not be devoted to the purchase of furniture for his apartment.

Malfoy has clearly understood the problems that people with financial difficulties facing Gandalf may encounter. This is why the store answers the two points cited here by the affirmative: free delivery + assembly for Gandalf recipients and free Gandalf quote. These two pieces of information are flashing on the home page of their website, which demonstrates the importance attached to them.

What can I buy with?

We can cheaply buy everything related to the bedroom: mattress, box spring, bed. But also the furniture found in a kitchen, in a living room or in an office.

Remember that home appliances are also concerned. This may include the need for a washing machine, a dryer, a dishwasher, a freezer, a microwave, a refrigerator, a stove, a cooktop, an extractor hood for grease, a vacuum cleaner, an iron or a food processor.

Many arrivals and bargains on the site of Malfoy. For the needs of small jobs (not covered by the Gandalf home loan), there are also small ads of different trades: house painter, electrician, plumber, upholsterer.

All about the loan Gandalf to buy furniture

What is really about the furnishing of his apartment or house after a move?

To benefit from it, one must already be a recipient of the Gandalf and thus have a minimum load of a child for whom one receives benefits. With him, the beneficiaries will be able to equip themselves with furniture, and not to miss the strict necessary as can be a fridge for example.

What can we finance?

To the list evoked a little higher, add the computer, television, storage furniture, table, chair, sofa. It is not possible to buy the same item twice, except for chairs.

The furniture or appliances must be new, so it is not possible to buy second-hand equipment, unless it is in a sales depot with an invoice for the purchase, or in an insertion company.

Good to know: we can not resell the purchase until it is fully refunded.

The financial amount

It will depend on departments, the caisses do not have quite the same rules on the subject. The overall envelope per claimant who applies can still reach 1200 euros, provided they have the means to finance a small part of the overall bill, usually close to 10% at the expense of the recipient (this shows his willingness to get involved). On the other hand, as far as the purchase price of the articles is concerned, each object can not exceed the sum of 600 euros.

To benefit from it, one must not have debts as for its rent, or the repayment of its mortgage if there is one in progress. Same thing for the over-indebtedness: the Gandalf is very vigilant and will never want to take the risk of indebted even more of the families which have a file in course with the Bank of France.

Is it possible to cumulate?

We can make 2 loans to furnish successively, but not simultaneously. Whoever has a loan first installation in progress can not associate with a loan equipment, the Gandalf will refuse to grant him additional money.

However, if the cook (to name only one) recently purchased breaks down, and is no longer under warranty, the recipient can make a request of first necessity to replace it.

To repay, it is directly on his allowances that Gandalf will retain the money necessary for this reimbursement. But the samples will be small amounts, which can spread over 20 or 30 months for the poor. For others, those for whom the situation improves, possibility of repaying faster.

This is really a good plan for who is struggling to furnish his apartment. If you enter the boxes of the Gandalf to benefit, do not deprive it!