Free Microloans Or In Your Store Cash-Converters

Gandalf Cash Converter is a financial service with which you can receive an amount of cash instantly, easily and without the need for paperwork or endorsements. offers quick money to deal with unforeseen situations and return it comfortably a month later. These credits are small mini- credits are granted to those people who need quickly and easily with which they can immediately pick up the microloan in cash or directly in the account by a bank transfer.

In recent years, this type of online microcredit has become increasingly popular due to the difficulties that arise when we apply for a loan from a traditional bank. This type of credits are usually used to deal with a specific need such as the repair of the car’s damage, the payment of a receipt at a time when it was not counted, etc. When applying for a small loan it is best to have a series of things clear so as not to endanger your economy or misuse it.

Common causes for which a microloan is requested

In general, the request for a microcredit is usually linked to a series of options such as the manifestation of a few complicated months in which we have less money to meet all expenses, often happens a lot in September with the arrival of the new course school and in January after Christmas. Undoubtedly, these are dates on which we have certain extraordinary expenses that we notice the following month when we draw up the accounts.

However, the only reason to apply for a microcredit is not to be in trouble, also for a vacation and a leisure time you can ask for a small amount that allows it or that helps you to afford it. Not always the dates on which we enjoy holidays are those in which we have more money to enjoy a season of leisure, so the microcredits of are a wise choice to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Also, you can request a microcredit to give yourself a whim as the mobile phone that has just left and for which you run the risk that runs out.

The unforeseen are the order of the day, one of the characteristics of them is that they are unexpected and can catch us at a time when we do not have enough money to solve a last minute setback. For all this and much more is Gandalf , however, these are the most common causes for which a microcredit is requested.

What you should keep in mind when applying for a Microloan

At the time of requesting an online microloan you must take into account several aspects, among them the waiting time regarding the processing of the same and the speed with which the microcredit will be managed. Being small amounts, ranging between 50 and 300 € , the application should not take long, in fact, the quickest loans are those that are given in hand.

Another aspect to take into account is the possibility of requesting a microcredit without much paperwork, that is, with only the DNI and a proof of income that could be reviewed through online banking. The third and last aspect to consider is the term of return of the amount requested plus interest. Keep in mind that the more adjustments the days of payment less interest you will pay. complies with all these aspects, that is, it works efficiently to provide response to its clients in less than ten minutes and without hidden expenses, since all associated costs will be clearly reflected in the same loan simulation process.

In addition, within their stores there are Gandalf guides that can advise you both on your finances and how you can best optimize your interests. Here we show you the characteristics of the Gandalf microcredits:

– Speed: this is one of the factors by which the consumer tends to opt for Gandalf .

– Online: Gandalf offers us the possibility of carrying out the necessary steps to apply for the online microcredit , streamlining both the process and the disposition of the money.

In short, getting a microcredit instantly and without having to ask for payroll or a lot of paperwork, and even with certain promotions sometimes, is a good way to obtain momentary liquidity in a responsible manner and with the ability to return it within the term that has been agreed, is undoubtedly a good alternative to what we know as traditional financing.

Secure financing with

If you do not want to be a season under minimum for whatever reason, there is no way to get money instantly without some consideration. Escape the magic formulas, the only way to get money is through a job. However, what happens when there is no work and savings are exhausted? Is there any way to get money quickly? The answer is yes, you can get through a microcredit, the financing formula that came from the hand of banks that wanted to help with the same purpose of years ago but with smaller amounts. Thanks to companies like Gandalf, individuals can access, whatever their situation, to a microcredit.

What do you need to request a microcredit at

  • It is not necessary to deliver a large amount of documents, you only need your ID and bank account to verify your income. Easier impossible!
  • Calculate the amount you need and keep in mind that these microcredits serve to deal at a certain moment with a lack of liquidity. Be consistent with what you ask and what you do with it.
  • Be realistic with your current situation and keep in mind that you must have solvency to return the amount requested in the stipulated time, that is, a maximum of one month.

This type of credit is usually granted quickly, so when you find yourself with an emergency or with an expense that you did not count on, it will be enough to fill out the application and do the entire process in just ten minutes Depending on your bank you will receive the money by transfer from 24 to 48 hours. You can also have the cash in any of the Gandalf Cash-Converter stores and return it in the same way. Not bad, right?

If you are a new customer at

If you are a new customer in money, the first thing you have to know is that in Gandalf you can choose the first time for 300 euros, plus the first credit is free, you do not pay interest and if everything goes well and the payment is made according to As agreed, then you can choose other credits greater than 300 to 500 euros with a longer return period . The general requirements to access a Gandalf micro loan :

  • Be a resident in Spain
  • Have the DNI in force
  • Age between 18 and 75 years
  • Have a personal bank account
  • Have an email address
  • Count on a personal mobile phone number
  • Have demonstrable periodic income.
  • Not have a debt exceeding 1,000 euros and be up to date with payment

Apply for online microcredit with Gandalf

Make your request through the Gandalf’s website just choose the amount and the number of days it will take to return it . Then you will have to fill out the identification form and wait for them to verify your data safely, you will receive an immediate response. You will obtain your microcredit in less than 10 minutes!

How to apply for credits with Gandalf

When we think about requesting a credit with , we must bear in mind that you can only access it by requesting an advance in the first place. That is, you must first have been credit of a payroll advance and then become a Gandalf microcredit client. To know this type of credit, you just have to call the entity and the person in charge of assisting you will help you with the amount you need to ask for, the deadline to return it and in a few minutes you will be able to get the amount you need.

How a Gandalf mini-credit is returned

In Gandalf returns, the same steps must always be followed.

Pay early. If you are thinking of paying ahead of time, do not hesitate to pay, since you can do it without the mini-credit platform putting a penalty.

How to return the money. For this, you only have to make a transfer or an account income to the number of it will give you so that you return the agreed amounts.

Gandalf, only works with the Santander bank, so if you want to make a transfer or deposit of money it must be for that bank.

If what you are thinking about returning the money in cash, you must go to the multiple stands that Gandalf has established throughout Spain.

You must bear in mind that once you have the credit, the amounts will not change from month to month unless you decide to change the time of return of the money.

What is Gandalf & Lilo

Gandalf is a company that is associated with the Lilo, better known as the Spanish Loan Association. An association that is responsible for keeping all customers protected and brings together all companies that meet all the requirements for credits, as is the case of Gandalf.

How are the renewals of mini-credits with Gandalf

Sometimes it happens, we have every good intention to return a loan but in the end we can not do it for some reason that is beyond our reach and we do not know what to do.

If this is your case or you think it may happen, this section interests you a lot, since you can request a renewal of the credit so that they give you a little more time of life and you can pay the credit without having problems of delinquency. You will be charged a small delinquency fee and you will have to pay it along with the total credit to meet the new deadline.

To pay you must make an entry in the accounts of Gandalf, leaving your ID so that you can identify who owns the payment. If you have a nearby Gandalf store, you can also make the payment on them. Do not forget to put your ID, because if you can not see who the payment is, your debt will go into default.

Advantages of Gandalf

Gandalf is a company that has removed the R to its name and has become one of the best financial services companies in which there are no room for delays or rivalries.

The team of professionals that the company has, receives the request and examines it to see if it is an application eligible to receive a loan. The entity is able to respond to requests in a matter of minutes and in case it is approved, deposit the money in your account in a matter of a few minutes.

In money, you can get microcredits of up to 500 euros through the safest forms of financing in the market and get a deal with professionals who offer you total transparency in all respects and also the help needed to simplify the procedures to get the mini-credit In addition to that, money, admits requests that in other companies are totally rejected. If you are looking for a complete information about the credits of money, do not hesitate to contact one of its stores of Gandalf Cash-Converter in which a team of professionals will be happy to assist you. In addition, you can get to see the seriousness with which Gandalf works.

Why is it important to know how to ask for a loan?

In most cases, before asking for a loan with this entity you should know that the money professionals can give you many ideas on how to manage the credit so you can get the amount you need without any problem.

Thanks to money, you can make any type of owner a reality in a matter of minutes, since it allows you to solve your contingencies or gives you the possibility of realizing any type of dream.

In many cases, Gandalf’s team of professionals can help you organize your credit and ensure good financial health.

All the credits of money have advantages that no other entity gives, since they are thought to obtain the best option for each client, what makes that the clients that money can get in a matter of minutes an amount that would be more complicated to obtain If it were not for this method, even with clients who have been in the business, money has made them able to make their dreams come true.

What are the requirements that I will be asked for a loan with Gandalf

As far as the money credits are concerned , several requirements must be met in order to get the entity to give you the credit. These requirements are based on the type of credit you are looking for.

Among the requirements of money are the following

  • You must have an age between 18 and 65 years
  • You must be a resident in Spain and also have a DNI
  • You must have a mobile phone with a personal number
  • You must have regular income to verify that you can take charge of the amounts to be paid.
  • Gandalf, reviews all the delinquency statements of the clients but does not make it a definitive decision.

What costs do they charge in Gandalf

In many cases, when a mini-loan is requested, a small interest will be added month by month, which money will make clear to you before you start.

When is a credit convenient?

When to ask for a credit with money. In many of the cases, people need a recent cash inflow to help them get something they need at that time through the credits. Many entities no longer give credits to people who are in the asnef, however, you can get a credit with money without problem even if you have problems of delinquency.

You can get a credit with money quickly when you have emergencies, crises, illnesses, or want to get something.

How Gandalf works

Believe it or not, in just 10 minutes you can enjoy money in your bank account with money without any problem.

You can ask for credits in Cash-Converters stores

For this, you should only go to one of the stores of the entity and they will give you an answer almost immediately. A qualified professional will advise you and verify through your ID in seconds that you are a fit person.

You must go with your current ID and a document in which you can see that you are the owner of a bank account with monthly income.

Identity is Trustly

It is one of the best options in the credit market, since through it you can verify the identity of each person. In order to have an account here, you must have a bank account with BBVA, la Caixa, Banco Sabadell, Banco Pastro, Bankinter, Banco Popular, ING direct. If you do not know how to do it, go to a money shop and they will help you.

You will need your payroll for this step or something that proves that you charge.

Make it online

Another way is that you can make a credit request online. You must put the amount you want and the time you think you need to return the amount of money. This means that identification can be done in a much safer way, with a personalized account.

It will only take you a few minutes and 10 minutes to complete this process to receive the information, without having to leave your home.

Request by phone

It is another of the most famous options in money , since it can be requested by phone with a simple call. In order to request a credit by phone you must identify yourself with your customer information and say the amount you want and what is the term you need to return it.

Gandalf extensions

If you are already going to meet the deadline that you have given to pay but still do not have the agreed amount, then you must request an extension for that credit, so that the entity has no doubt that you will pay and give you a Little more time to do it.

Opt for Gandalf whenever you want

Spend a few difficult months. Sometimes the expenses accumulate and there are months like December or September that are much more complicated than the rest.

The vacations. Going on vacation always gives us health and tranquility, so during these months, the best option is to ask for a credit

Unforeseen It is something that happens to all of us and we must have the security of a company that gives us a little fluidity in our economy.

Whims. It is very common too. We already have everything we earn destined, but the last game that we love has just come out or the launch of an incredible phone that we can not afford. For those cases, minicredit