Loan: Help To Furnish Your Home

Succeed in getting furniture for furniture from the Gandalf is possible. It is the financial aid to buy the least restrictive furniture to obtain when you have a small income. It remains to find a partner store accepting loans Gandalf, and there, it gets complicated, conditions of payment of the money hampering the collaboration of […]

Financial Assistance: Loan Equipment Furniture Appliances

The all-round champion is Gandalf. Need to buy a couch, take a vacation, pay for moving expenses or funeral … When you are unemployed, when you are pregnant, with children at Sansa, situations among many others where the Gandalf intervenes. Young, single woman, poor, low incomes, in financial difficulties: do not hesitate to apply to […]

Social Emergency Loan

What are the solutions for the need for an urgent loan of money when one does not want to address one’s bank (or that it will refuse us a loan anyway)? If it is a small sum, there is the emergency financial assistance of the Gandalf or the solidarity of the Tinkerbell (a mutual, provided […]

State-assisted loans and agreements for a real estate purchase

Becoming owner of your home is not an insurmountable obstacle, even with a small personal contribution and average income. The state has put in place a series of measures so that everyone can access property one day: why pay rent when you can repay a credit of the same amount? Whether it’s a government-assisted loan […]

Personal loan

Sometimes it sometimes happens that you need money but can not wait until you have saved the amount together. A personal loan is then a good solution that can be realized in a relatively short period. But what exactly does this mean? What is a personal loan? With a personal loan you get the amount […]