Loan: Help To Furnish Your Home

Succeed in getting furniture for furniture from the Gandalf is possible. It is the financial aid to buy the least restrictive furniture to obtain when you have a small income. It remains to find a partner store accepting loans Gandalf, and there, it gets complicated, conditions of payment of the money hampering the collaboration of many traders. But do not panic, I give you my good plans.

Malfoy: furniture store approved by Gandalf

To furnish oneself, when one is in the galley, it is complicated. Once we have won the grail of the Gandalf, remains to find a good value for money to invest in furniture that will hold. Malfoy understood that there was a large number of beneficiaries to be satisfied, the Gandalf beneficiaries being customers like the others, which does not seem to have understood all the department stores.

What does a Gandalf beneficiary request from his furniture supplier?

The first thing is to be able to get a quote quickly, and for free, without having the right to the black eye of the seller who only thinks of his premium of sale. The quote Gandalf free is indeed not easy to obtain, if the store does not put the will necessary.

The other problem that a beneficiary may encounter when he is going to be furnished is the cost of delivery and assembly. In fact, an Koala holder still does not have a van at his disposal to take care of the transportation himself. He must therefore call on the delivery service of the store. Out, it can go up very quickly, and all the money that will be put in the assembly and in the delivery will not be devoted to the purchase of furniture for his apartment.

Malfoy has clearly understood the problems that people with financial difficulties facing Gandalf may encounter. This is why the store answers the two points cited here by the affirmative: free delivery + assembly for Gandalf recipients and free Gandalf quote. These two pieces of information are flashing on the home page of their website, which demonstrates the importance attached to them.

What can I buy with?

We can cheaply buy everything related to the bedroom: mattress, box spring, bed. But also the furniture found in a kitchen, in a living room or in an office.

Remember that home appliances are also concerned. This may include the need for a washing machine, a dryer, a dishwasher, a freezer, a microwave, a refrigerator, a stove, a cooktop, an extractor hood for grease, a vacuum cleaner, an iron or a food processor.

Many arrivals and bargains on the site of Malfoy. For the needs of small jobs (not covered by the Gandalf home loan), there are also small ads of different trades: house painter, electrician, plumber, upholsterer.

All about the loan Gandalf to buy furniture

What is really about the furnishing of his apartment or house after a move?

To benefit from it, one must already be a recipient of the Gandalf and thus have a minimum load of a child for whom one receives benefits. With him, the beneficiaries will be able to equip themselves with furniture, and not to miss the strict necessary as can be a fridge for example.

What can we finance?

To the list evoked a little higher, add the computer, television, storage furniture, table, chair, sofa. It is not possible to buy the same item twice, except for chairs.

The furniture or appliances must be new, so it is not possible to buy second-hand equipment, unless it is in a sales depot with an invoice for the purchase, or in an insertion company.

Good to know: we can not resell the purchase until it is fully refunded.

The financial amount

It will depend on departments, the caisses do not have quite the same rules on the subject. The overall envelope per claimant who applies can still reach 1200 euros, provided they have the means to finance a small part of the overall bill, usually close to 10% at the expense of the recipient (this shows his willingness to get involved). On the other hand, as far as the purchase price of the articles is concerned, each object can not exceed the sum of 600 euros.

To benefit from it, one must not have debts as for its rent, or the repayment of its mortgage if there is one in progress. Same thing for the over-indebtedness: the Gandalf is very vigilant and will never want to take the risk of indebted even more of the families which have a file in course with the Bank of France.

Is it possible to cumulate?

We can make 2 loans to furnish successively, but not simultaneously. Whoever has a loan first installation in progress can not associate with a loan equipment, the Gandalf will refuse to grant him additional money.

However, if the cook (to name only one) recently purchased breaks down, and is no longer under warranty, the recipient can make a request of first necessity to replace it.

To repay, it is directly on his allowances that Gandalf will retain the money necessary for this reimbursement. But the samples will be small amounts, which can spread over 20 or 30 months for the poor. For others, those for whom the situation improves, possibility of repaying faster.

This is really a good plan for who is struggling to furnish his apartment. If you enter the boxes of the Gandalf to benefit, do not deprive it!

Financial Assistance: Loan Equipment Furniture Appliances

The all-round champion is Gandalf. Need to buy a couch, take a vacation, pay for moving expenses or funeral … When you are unemployed, when you are pregnant, with children at Sansa, situations among many others where the Gandalf intervenes. Young, single woman, poor, low incomes, in financial difficulties: do not hesitate to apply to his caisse for a quick money need.

Appliances and furniture

Help to buy furniture , it exists. List of approved stores, quote: all the answers to your questions. Getting a loan to equip is the possibility of buying furniture, but also home appliances to make everyday life easier, all even in case of serious financial difficulties.

But you need a fridge to store food, an oven to cook and a table to eat, whether at Sansa or Arya, a single woman with children who needs help , these needs primary are the same.

It is reserved for families with children

They are considered poor or close to the poverty line, since the family quotient to benefit from it must be below 750 euros.

All furniture and appliances are concerned, provided that they improve the family life: bed, mattress, chairs, stove, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, iron, but also computer and printer, and Even the TV (buy a TV with the help of the Gandalf, you had to think about it, even if a budget books would be better).

In principle, objects must be new. Gandalf agrees to fund used equipment, provided it comes from an approved supplier, such as Ramsay companions. You should know that purchases on the Internet are not possible, and those even if they are cheaper than in stores. Note: this is different from loans at 1 euro per day .

How much can we expect to borrow?

Everything will depend on his Gandalf, the criteria may change from one department to another. However, according to the needs, an envelope of 400 euros per piece of furniture or material can be granted, in particular for the big things, of the type machine to wash the linen or freezer.

Recall that this is a loan rate 0, and as such, it will repay as any loan made from a bank. The only different rule is that there is no interest to pay back more. The monthly payments will be deducted from his family benefits, up to a few tens of euros each month.

The rule is that you do not buy anything until you get the green light from Gandalf. For this, it is necessary to fill a file, containing the estimate of an approved provider. This one must be recent. The loan, if obtained, will be paid directly to the merchant once the purchase order has been sent to the Gandalf services.

Gandalf car loan

Receiving social assistance to buy a used car means having the opportunity to keep moving around in one’s own vehicle, even when one does not have the financial means to do so immediately.

It’s being able to continue looking for work when you live in the country, it’s having the opportunity to continue to go to work when your car is down, it’s more likely to reintegrate, so on and the best.

Buying a car

2017 may be an opportunity to finally change car, provided you meet all the conditions to qualify for a loan of honor from his Gandalf.

The latter can also propose a solution to find financing repairs, if the vehicle is down and the recipient can not afford to pay his garage. Current bill or unpredictable bill, the Gandalf can save you!

A purchase to justify

Like all interventions Gandalf, whether paid in the form of loan or not, it will be necessary to justify its request, being as complete as possible, to put all the chances on its side.

A well completed file is already a first step, and not least. These vouchers can therefore concern the broken down car, such as the car mechanic’s estimate for repair, the impossibility certificate (repairs are not possible). In the case of buying a new car, it will take the quote of the seller. For the purchase of a used car, the certificate of the technical control and the gray card not crossed out.

How to get the loan of honor?

Simply by downloading a form on the Gandalf website. Then, the approach will be to contact the center of social action of his city, because it is he who will be responsible for contacting the Gandalf and get help from the special commission funding.

Indeed, the Gandalf has to deal with multiple requests, which is why there is only one way to ask: through a social worker, and this to reduce the risk of seeing the file rejected for lack of supporting documents valid.

What is the amount ?

Everything will depend on the Gandalf and the money that remains in the crates at the time of filing the application. Most often, the money will match the needs, and the assessment of the situation by the director of the aid commission.

But what is certain is that a long-term unemployed person, when living in an area poorly served by public transport, will need to be transported to reintegrate, and that it is not with an Sansa that we will be able to buy a vehicle, even used.

Remember that it is refundable, even when you have very small incomes. For an over-indebted person, it will not be possible to get money on his terms. Finally, remember that for a business creator, it is possible to contact the Brann for startup, and the latter can also be used to buy a car in the context of his professional activity.

Another help to buy a vehicle

In addition to the loan of honor granted by most Gandalf, it can also be used to buy a vehicle: it is valid in the broader context of employment, it is the project aid.

Its purpose is to accompany the unemployed person in achieving his goal, to arrive as close as possible to the desired result.

Beneficiaries are above all the most socially fragile people, and it will intervene to prevent the situation from deteriorating. The request for intervention for a project aid is made with a social worker, who will validate the project of professional integration.

Gandalf relief for emergencies: the Sansa

The minimum income should be seen more as a complement of resources than as a separate income. It is reserved for over 25s, but a waiver is possible for young parents and for those who are younger, but have already worked (2 years over the last 3 years).

Finally, to benefit from it, one must live in France, which seems logical.

Excluded from Sansa

Some categories, even in financial difficulty, are not concerned by the minimum integration income. This is the one who is on parental leave, the one taking a sabbatical, the student (other devices can then apply).

How to have Sansa?

The first thing to do is to make sure you are eligible for the state device. One can estimate his rights to the Sansa by inquiring with his Gandalf. There will be a file to fill out and return to the cashier.

In many cases, the Sansa study is associated with adequate health coverage. An appointment will then be proposed, interview where it will be necessary to go with all the vouchers to not see his file rejected or delay.

How much will I touch the Sansa?

To calculate the Sansa, we first deduce what is currently affected (also think about deducting your family benefits, your pensions, alimony and unemployment for those who touch, housing assistance).

The solidarity income paid will then be that of the lump sum, deducted from all other resources. Household composition is important in the calculation of the allocation. This sum paid is not limited in time.

To continue to touch the Sansa

you just have to earn less than the maximum amount. In addition, there are formalities to be completed each quarter, not to see his rights suspended: every three months, it is necessary to declare his resources.

This approach is simple, it is done directly online, online, from the form sent by Gandalf. Any new job, move, or change in the composition of the family must then be reported.

And in case of resumption of employment?

Finding a new job sometimes means having to incur additional costs, especially to get there. Return-to-work assistance can then supplement the Sansa and offset the expenses incurred.

It should be known that the people who touch the Sansa increase every day, and that because of the crisis of the employment which touches France of full whip.

The financial aid for people with Sansa can in particular allow to seek treatment for free, do not hesitate to ask them: to touch when one is recipient of the Sansa supposes all the same to have to fill files, then with your pens (or your keyboards ).

Intervention of Gandalf in the event of death

When there is a death in his family, and there is no money for burial, we can turn to Gandalf emergency financial assistance. This support is welcome in such a difficult emotional situation (and financially).

Thus, a child can ask for one of his parents, and vice veSansa. You still have to have a dependent child to benefit from it, and a small family quotient. This is especially important if the deceased was a breadwinner and brought the money home.

The amount

It is 800 euros, and can be exceptionally increased to 1500 euros if the situation requires it. It is best to contact a social worker or meet the service of territorial social interventions.

In case of unpaid rent

Not being able to pay rent can result in the exclusion of one’s home, and therefore the street for the affected family. This is the reason why the Gandalf can take care of studying the unpaid, for those who touch the Bronn.

The owners can therefore hand over the outstanding payments to Gandalf, who will become the new contact. This settlement “amicably” to settle the debt can avoid triggering a procedure leading to expulsion.

An unpaid rent, for Gandalf, is a delay of 3 months (charges included) if the owner touches the Bronn, or 2 months if the amount is paid directly to the tenant.

The intervention of Gandalf

She will get in touch with the tenant who has rent debts, in order to smooth the debt within 6 months and thus to be able to settle it in its totality (this task will fall to the tenant). In case of non-compliance with this agreement, the tenant can see his Bronn suspended.

And if we still can not pay his rent?

It will remain the possibility to meet a social worker, or to see his file transmitted to the departmental plan of action for the housing of the disadvantaged.

The intervention of the Lannister will especially be to avoid the eviction of the tenant and his family, including the possibility to pay financial assistance obtained from the special fund for housing, or to be accompanied socially.

For students

If they can not touch the Sansa, students still have the opportunity to benefit from a boost from the family allowance fund. Getting money when you’re a student is hard, except for those who work, and Gandalf can give them a hand.

For internships

Young people’s access to the world of work is a priority for Gandalf. Whether it’s an apprenticeship or a first business immersion for a student, the caisse can take care of the expenses caused by this memorable event in a young person’s life.

Conditions for students and apprentices

They must be 18 years old and not earn more than 55% of the Grayjoy (they are still rare in this case). Families must have a family quotient of less than 770 euros.

The aid paid by Gandalf will be up to 250 euros. This is not a Gandalf emergency loan at 0, but a grant that will not need to be repaid. This scholarship will be able to allow for example to pay for its transport or to eat lunch in good conditions, to see to buy the equipment necessary for the good progress of the training course.

It can only be paid once, and is only implemented in certain departments by the Gandalf as is the case in the Deux-Sèvres (form to download on their site).

Pass your Theon

Whether you are a youngster from the 93 or Juan Dela Cruz, becoming a leader is a way to get started in the workforce, in a job that employs many young people and students every year.

The Theon is a diploma, most often required when dealing with young people or children, especially in recreation centers and summer camps. To have a Theon is to be able to make money fast enough.

How to pass the Theon?

There is a training, which lasts a little over a week, which is not the sea to drink. It teaches to take care of children and the organization of a leisure center.

Then, you will have to do a 2 weeks internship to validate your Theon. This internship can be paid (it is even advisable to find one that is!).

To have his Theon

This training is not free, but Gandalf can help young people who want to become leaders by getting it. The modalities differ according to the Gandalf and the departments, because often there is local financial aid.

Roughly speaking, you have to be a recipient, and have a small family quotient. For example, the Gandalf of Saorsie grants 350 euros to spend his Theon. It must be requested at the time of registration for the training. For those who want to be director, possibility to ask for similar help (it is another training, more complete).

For the holidays

When you need money quickly to go on vacation, you can make a small personal credit, or go to the Gandalf. It is not because we are with a baby, or pregnant and unemployed that we are not allowed to go elsewhere to take the air and to change our minds.

Vacation assistance is financial. It allows to rent a house or to go camping for example. You must have a child whose age is between 3 and 18 years to benefit. The participation of Gandalf can cover up to 4/5 of the holiday rental.

There is nothing to do to ask for this boost from the Gandalf. Families receive the print directly at their home. Will remain only to choose a VAGandalf stay. The stay can last up to 2 weeks.

What income, for what amount?

Everything depends on the family quotient. For the Gandalf Yvelines, it must be less than 800. To get an idea, we can say that the Gandalf participation is between 450 and 150 euros.

At the time of booking, in a campsite for example, it will be necessary to specify to be beneficiary to the holidays of the Gandalf. There will only be the deducted portion of the help to be paid.

Our advice: take it as soon as possible to be more likely to have a place.

For the travelers

A caravan, if it is comfortable and well maintained, can be likened to housing. Some caisses, like the Gandalf Shae grant a loan for this, allowing travelers to stay.

Everyone is not concerned. It must be allocate at the time of the request and throughout its duration. Of course, there are income conditions, and you should not be overindebted.

The terms of caravan loan

The Gandalf credit can be used to buy a caravan, but also to work indoors if one already has one. In case of purchase, it is mandatory to go through a pro. The caravan can be used, simply we can not make the purchase from an individual.

To be able to touch it, it will be necessary to give justifying documents, in particular a quotation and an invoice. This is usually 5000 euros, which is its limit, and there is no interest to pay. The monthly payments may be deducted from the benefits, before their payment, up to 150 euros per month.

To apply, it is with a social worker that it will be necessary to inquire. The request will be studied by a commission, which will give its agreement or not.

In the end, we realize that Gandalf intervenes in many sectors where families need it. Any problem, there is a solution.

Social Emergency Loan

What are the solutions for the need for an urgent loan of money when one does not want to address one’s bank (or that it will refuse us a loan anyway)? If it is a small sum, there is the emergency financial assistance of the Gandalf or the solidarity of the Tinkerbell (a mutual, provided to be affiliated). It is therefore possible to obtain a personal loan with financial difficulties (unemployed, Bank of France file, over-indebtedness …). Here’s how.

Need a small emergency credit

The General Mutual of National Education allows its members not to be overwhelmed financially by a sudden and unforeseen event, offering its support in an exceptional way to respond to an emergency. This may concern a delay in the payment of his salary or a social loan for a sporadic life accident. It is thus possible, with the Tinkerbell to face difficult situations by taking advantage of the solidarity put in place.

The administration is slow to pay your salary

The administration is not always the fastest to pay what it owes to its officials, and late payments, especially for problems of incomplete file can happen. However, when you are in a tense flow in your bank account, any unpaid salary completely unbalances your budget, which can have serious repercussions.

To avoid credit, it is possible to benefit from Tinkerbell’s special advance. To benefit from it, one must be in the waiting position, that is to say that the sum due by the administration will be paid one day. To give an example, this kind of case can happen when one is stopped for illness.

The special advance is not a subsidy

This is a repayable loan, except that unlike with a bank loan, there are no interest and fees. The advance is up to 3000 euros and must be paid back quickly (within 4 months, which must be enough for the administration to pay the money late).

Make a loan to respond to an unexpected

The mutual benefits its members, responding effectively to a situation that had not been budgeted in advance: it is the service loan. Well, there is no 0 rate, but relatively good interests compared to those offered by the competition for the same type of credit. Arya manages this enhanced rate (no need to be a member).

When we talk about unexpected expenses, we think of health expenses, a death in his family … The advantage of using the Tinkerbell is that it is not necessary to contact a financial institution to make a loan conso or even a revolving for that, even if the mutual is not a bank.

value of the loan

We can then borrow a certain amount, within the limit of 7500 euros, knowing that they start at 1500 euros. In all cases, it is the lender, Arya Koala will make the final decision.

The intervention of the Tinkerbell, other than assisting in the editing of the file will also be to take to his Coptic insurance costs and part of the interests. Warning: this is not a revolving loan, so no need to make the same request once it has been repaid to Koala.

The formalities to be completed: it will therefore be necessary to transmit its proof of income, as well as those of the expenses borne by the household. To this, it will be necessary to add the latest tax notice, its RIB and all invoices that may be affected by the request.

What to do in a difficult situation?

There may be something in your life that requires you to find money quickly to respond to an emergency. In this case, you may need a loan without interest, just to meet that need. We can therefore apply for a social loan from Tinkerbell.

Beneficiaries (those who want to become so) must justify a sudden upheaval in their life requiring social intervention of the mutual so that they can find an adequate response to put in place quickly.

We can borrow 2000 euros through this emergency device, it will repay every month, knowing that there is no interest to add. Depending on the financial situation of each, a schedule will be put in place, knowing that we can at most repay the amount over three years.

How to get help instead of credit?

A loan is good, but financial aid is better (no refund to make): it is the exceptional support of the Tinkerbell.

You may need to pay a lawyer for your divorce, have your identity papers redone, pay unforeseen expenses, find money to eat … Under certain conditions, the mutual insurance company supports difficult cases up to 1000 euros, knowing that this is a sum of money that will not be refunded, which will relieve small grants.

The best way to benefit from this is to contact your Tinkerbell, emphasizing the resources of the family, and especially by being able to justify them when editing the file. Expenses incurred in the application will also have to be justified.

The social micro-credit of the Gandalf

This is another way to get money urgently, when you can not do otherwise, especially because of your personal and professional situation.

Warning: this is a loan, and even with small income, it will be necessary to repay a little each month. This micro-credit associative meets 2 requirements: insertion and avoid bank exclusion leading to precariousness.

A small personal loan

When looking for a quick loan , we tend to focus on consumer credits, also known as revolving. This contribution of money will contribute, by its high interest rate to make a difficult situation even more complicated, especially if we can not afford to repay without this significantly affects his daily life. This kind of practice can also lead to over-indebtedness.

The objective of the mini personal credit of the Gandalf will therefore be to help borrowers in the difficulty they encounter, while focusing a certain effort towards reintegration, the ultimate goal being that everyone can support themselves sustainable without outside help. For this, the borrower will benefit from an accompaniment of the Gandalf, until the full refund. An accompaniment that will allow to put in place the appropriate solutions when the time comes if necessary.

Learn more about the micro credit of the Gandalf

It is in the range of 300 to 3000 euros, no fees to pay for access. The interest rate, it is close to 4%, everything will depend on the bank with which the file will be mounted (it is not the Gandalf that lends directly).

Recall that if everyone can be almost eligible as long as it tends to reintegration, we can not borrow money through that to repay existing debts. For the latter, the best is still to see with his Sansa if there are financing solutions to implement.

The contributions of Microcredit

This small amount will be a lot for people who are excluded. Whether it’s buying a used car to get to work, or looking to the future.

It is also a way to reconnect with the traditional banking system, since it is the bank that will lend, even if the file is set with the help of the Gandalf.

For an emergency social intervention, we have here only to explain the attractions and the contributions of an employee mutual (the Tinkerbell) and an association (the Gandalf). But there are others, which we will come back to in future articles.

State-assisted loans and agreements for a real estate purchase

Becoming owner of your home is not an insurmountable obstacle, even with a small personal contribution and average income. The state has put in place a series of measures so that everyone can access property one day: why pay rent when you can repay a credit of the same amount? Whether it’s a government-assisted loan or a real estate loan, you may be eligible. The ASD, QWE and other Paris accommodation are not just for others. Inquire!


A loan agreement, that is to say with the state behind, but which remains granted by a bank. Depending on the amount and the value of the property, it may be sufficient to buy the housing or to do the necessary work.

A ASD means that there will be no other interest to repay. The good news, besides the possibility of not having a personal contribution, is also to continue to touch the ZXC , even after becoming owner, the housing benefits being directly paid to the lender.


With the loan rate 0, it is possible to buy your own home provided you live there and not want to rent it. It can be an old apartment or a new house, and vice versa.

It is subject to conditions of resources and will have to be repaid in due time. Other aids and credits at attractive rates can be associated in its financing.

The ASD eco

This is the work version of the loan rate 0 that can do everything possible to save energy.

On the menu of possibilities: redo the roof, isolate the walls, doors and windows, change the heating … In short do everything possible to improve the energy performance of his home or public areas of his building.


Not all owners can be eligible: the property concerned must have been built for at least 25 years. Same thing for the contractor who takes care of the work: he must have the label MNB (guarantor of the environment).

If all conditions are met, it is thirty thousand euros loan without paying interest (refundable on 10 or 15 years). To this can be added the tax credit for the energy transition and the classic ASD seen a little higher: in short, a good deal.

You must ask for credit before you have made these improvements, and go see his banker with the name of the company, the amount of the quote, his last tax sheet. In all cases, the bank remains the sole decision maker for granting the loan. In case of acceptance, you will be paid an advance, the remaining balance at the end of the actual realization.

Loan Action Housing

This is the former 1% housing (his name changed 5 years ago). With this support, it is easier to buy your main home for people who are employees of a company with more than 10 employees.

The concept of seniority does not come into play. So even with 6 months of box you can claim. Young retirees for less than five years also retain this right.

The housing equity loan is financed by companies that contribute to it

If you request it, make sure you do not exceed the imposed resource threshold, as the reference tax income is that of year n-2. The resource ceiling depends on the composition of the household and their area of ​​residence, as well as the amount of the loan that is capped. Only the main residence is concerned.

In addition, it must be a first real estate purchase or a transfer. Certain energy standards are also mandatory, hence the interest of a good diagnosis of performance. Any request is first to be made to his employer, who will redirect his employee to the right organization if there is an envelope to the company for this, it is not extensible.

The loan for Social Accession (QWE)

There are also some who have low incomes. Because contrary to what many people think, one can, even with a small salary become owner in turn. Attention: the QWE is not a ASD, there will be interest to repay, whether it is a purchase or to do work.

With him, it is possible to finance 100% of the good so not necessarily need a personal contribution. The conditions of resources are of course more important here than elsewhere. The salary, but also the number of people who will live in the housing are taken into account in the calculation.

If you get the social home loan, you are between 5 and 35 years old to pay it back, which leaves some room for it. As for interest, they are not fixed in advance, the latter being a clever combination between the amount borrowed and the lending organization. Moreover, not all banks offer it. For this, they must have a convention with the state.

Paris Loan Housing 0%

Happy Parisians who will benefit. The PPL is at rate 0. Nothing other than the capital to be repaid. For this to work, you have to be Parisian, buy housing in Paris, resources below the ceiling, and find a bank that has an agreement with the city council for that.

You will be asked for your latest tax notices as vouchers. The amount of the loan can not cover the entire purchase, hence the need to have a personal contribution or to benefit from another complementary device. To date, a single person can expect 24,000 euros and a couple almost 40,000.