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Loan in record time of € 300

Gandalf is a company that provides quick mini-credits , which can be for up to 300 euros. Gandalf is characterized by having the easiest way to overcome the wait for money until your next day of collection.

It is a company that is characterized by its speed to solve both loan applications and the completion of the transfer, to give you a helping hand at times when you need it most.

The objective of the company is always to be a support for you and do it not in any way, but in the most comfortable way for you without having to leave your home, or queue at the bank, or wait a long time to get an answer or to see reflected the transfer in your bank account, in the safest way since it is a very serious company and committed to your welfare and safety, in the fastest way since in just a few minutes or a matter of brief hours You may already be making use and disposition of the amount you have requested and in the simplest way, this is because the process is extremely easy and can be carried out by filling in a very short form and waiting for it to be approved. the application for your loan.

This company offers support to deal with unexpected expenses of any kind. You can request the credit for the immediate expense you need, which can be from the payment of bills, the works or arrangements of the house, the purchase of new furniture for the home or office, the studies, that trip or adventure with which you have dreamed so much and much more, the only thing that you need to do is to enter the page and request the credit which is granted, in case of throwing a positive result, immediately since you will be able to charge it on the same day.

The mini-credit can be requested through the website, without having to visit the official offices. The whole process is simple and fast and extremely comfortable since there will be no need for you to leave your home. The analysis of the application and the result will take only a few minutes. So say goodbye to the days of waiting that a bank or traditional loan house offers you.

The credit can be returned using any bank that is within the national territory of Spain. Unexpected expenses can affect everyone’s economy, and that’s why cool credit offers you the easiest way to solve your monetary problems immediately and without the greatest effort.

What makes them different?

The point of difference of Gandalf , is that they can grant credits easily and without the need for an endorsement. The presence of personnel for attention will not be necessary, since you can request it in the most practical way possible by filling out a form, in a matter of minutes they will inform you if the loan was approved and in a matter of hours you will be enjoying the money in case the loan request is approved. The amount will be sent to the bank account that you have provided to the company.

Advantages to choose in Gandalf

Applying for a loan with Gandalf has several advantages that you can enjoy. This is thanks to the fact that this type of loans are made to be an experience for you, from being very easy to use, very fast, very comfortable and very safe, in addition to the Gandalf company trusts its customers and does not ask for requirements exorbitant or unnecessary questions to achieve grant them the amount they have requested. Know some of the best advantages of applying for a loan with the company Gandalf, among the best are the privacy because you do not have to explain what is the credit, you can apply for the loan, even if you are on the list of defaulters and you do not need to an endorsement to approve the credit.

The main features of Gandalf

  • It is not necessary that you specify or explain the purpose of your credit. You can use the money for any purpose you want. In this company they do not ask for unnecessary explanations about what you intend to do with your money once it has reached your bank account and you can dispose of it.
  • Even though you are on the list of delinquent clients, you can get the credit . At Gandalf you will not be denied service for that reason. This is because in this company they will give you an opportunity, because they know they can trust their clients and want to establish that link in which it is a safe environment for both parties both at the time of receiving the loan and at the time of that it has to be returned.
  • Forget about the queues, in fact, you will not even have to leave your house, because the money will go directly to your bank account without having to wait your turn. At Gandalf they focus on giving you a comfortable and satisfactory experience as well, since the loan can be requested and received in the most practical way possible and without having to make a greater effort.
  • In a traditional bank or home loan, the valuation process to determine if you are eligible for a credit or you are not, can take several days or even weeks, and you get the money another extra time. On the other hand, at Gandalf, the valuation process will depend on whether you wait only a few minutes and the collection of the cash in case the loan has been approved, you will have it in a matter of a few hours. In Gandalf they have a system of loans of the future.
  • No guarantee or guarantee is needed. In Gandalf they trust their clients and it is not necessary that they present a person who signs a guarantee to guarantee the payment, because as we mentioned in the previous points, the bond of trust between the company and the client is one of the most important priorities for the company Gandalf.

What requirements must I meet to request a loan?

Taking out a loan with Gandalf does not need big requirements, because as mentioned, the company does not ask for exorbitant requirements to be able to grant the amount. The requirements that must be fulfilled so that the loan can be carried out are those that we will name next:

  • You have to be of age.
  • You have to be a Spanish citizen.
  • You must fill in all the necessary information in the application.
  • You must have a bank account in the national territory of Spain (as an alternative, in case you do not have one you can also have legal access to the bank account of another person).
  • Return the credit in the time and manner stipulated in the beginning.

Gandalf’s interest rate

The amount of interest will depend on the amount of the loan and will also depend on the duration of this. The interest that is applied and its value will be detailed in the particular conditions of the contract that is delivered to the applicant that is granted prior to the realization of the loan application.

You can ask for a loan with credit check at Gandalf

YES, Gandalf, accepts any credit history

Types of loan   Gandalf

The loans granted by Gandalf are personal and immediate.

How to apply for credits at Gandalf

Apply for the loan in Gandalf, as we mentioned before, it is a very simple process. You only have to fill in the necessary information that the registration form asks for, select the amount you want for the credit, the period in which you will return it and, finally, accept the terms and conditions of the contract and the use of your personal information.

What happens after you have applied for the credit, is that the company will send you a message to your email. This message will indicate if the analysis to grant the loan has been accepted or rejected. You will know that your loan has been approved in a matter of a few minutes, because they will let you know by e-mail if the credit was approved or denied.

Another advantage that Gandalf offers and that should be noted, is that in this company does not consult the register of debtors when evaluating your loan application . You can get the credit, even if you are enrolled in a list or register of debtors or customers who have been delinquent. Having a negative credit history does not always mean that Gandalf is going to deny your support.

In Gandalf you will not have to give explanations about the purpose of your loan or what you will use it for. In this company they do not require you to specify what you will do with your money. Well, once the loan is obtained, the money will be at your total and complete disposition so that you can use it in the end that you think of or need.

A guarantor to obtain the loan is not necessary, as we said you do not need a guarantor or an endorsement so that the company has a guarantee of your payment.

If you wonder when the money will be sent to your account, the answer is that this would be sooner than you think. The payment will be made by means of a bank transfer, directly to your account that you provided when filling out the form. Everything depends on your bank and the hours they have to determine when you can have your money, but the transfer takes place in a matter of minutes or a few hours.

It may be the case that you meet the amount stipulated to pay before the agreed time, in some companies the advance payment is not allowed as it does not generate late interest. But in Gandalf, if you can return the loan at any time you want, as long as this time is before the expiration date as agreed at the beginning when making the request.

Unlike a traditional loan house or a bank, entities in which the request for a loan must be attached to the schedules and working days of each company. In Gandalf it will not be like that, because you can request the loan for the amount you require at any time of the day and any day of the week. In this company you can apply for your loan even on weekends and holidays. This is possible thanks to the fact that Gandalf has virtual customer service, which is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes, of course, weekends and holidays, that is, 365 days a year.

Extensions and postponements

The amount of interest for extension and deferment will depend on the amount of the loan and will also depend on the duration of this. The interest that is applied in such case, will be detailed in the particular conditions of the contract that is delivered to the applicant.

Opinions about Gandalf

Manuel Rodriguez- I applied for a loan in Gandalf for my car and it was granted in two days, I am very happy and satisfied with the management.

Adriana G.- I turned to Gandalf because they had talked to me about how easy it was to obtain it and I have verified for myself that it is true, I will keep it in mind when I need it again.

G. Monrroy- An excellent alternative to get you out of economic problems immediately, I definitely recommend it.


As you have noticed, Gandalf loans are faster and easier than it seems, because you can end your economic problems in just a few minutes or a few hours, since in that time you can be enjoying or making use of of the amount you need to pay off your debts or the situation where you need the money. No endorsements, no questions about what you will use, without queuing at the bank or wait for days to give you a resolution if the deposit has been approved or denied.

The loans of Gandalf are the loans of the future, because by just entering the web page and filling out a short form, you can request the money you need with interest that will not raise the account much and can help you cope with the situations of the day to day in which are presented urgently, the needs to cover economic amounts that you do not have on hand at that particular time or situation. If so, without a doubt Gandalf is for you.

Your search is over for the best loan online

The financial group Gandalf is a financial institution that puts itself at the service of those who live in the Principality of Andorra ; making your financial offers are tailored to customers, to meet all your needs. So, with this in mind, the financial is based on 10 principles to be able to remain a reliable financial institution.

Among the points that the group has as its statutes we find the following: it commits itself to be a bank with a solid position before its clients, and it is thanks to this that it has obtained its recognition worldwide as a reliable financial institution. In addition to this, it is committed to having a team of professionals who guarantee that the money of their clients will be in the best possible hands, guaranteed also thanks to the fact that there are first class collaborators.

Personal loans of Gandalf Online

In order to meet the needs of its customers, this institution is committed to having maximum availability in order to be able to meet the needs of its customers. In conjunction with this we have a networking network in which your customers can share experiences and meet people who can help them realize their dreams.

Let’s see the different products offered to its customers in order to finance their dreams.

Fast Loan

This loan is intended to meet the unforeseen needs of the client to settle any payment; so that, if you do not have cash at any time, you have the possibility to request the money required to make the payment; the main advantage? The loan can be processed from practically any of the businesses in which we buy. That is to say that when we get to the cashier we can ask the cashier to process the credit request, request that will be confirmed in a maximum of 15 minutes, and cash will be available in that same place.

Student Loan

Another option that makes available to its customers is to finance the education of the youngest. Being focused on young people, the conditions of this loan are quite simple, because they adapt to the possibilities of those who are just beginning their working life.

Car Loan

These two types of loans are focused on financing a new or used vehicle ; the first loan is applicable in cases where an internal combustion engine vehicle is wanted, while the second loan is focused on supporting government incentives for the population to purchase a hybrid or electric vehicle, provided it is plug-in.

Although the conditions are similar, the procedures to apply for each of these two credits is different, and we will analyze it later.

Préstec Regenerates

In order to be able to support those who want to carry out reforms in real estate, Prestec Regenera is at your disposal, a financing that was born to be able to support the projects of buildings that wish to comply with the requirements of sustainability in order to reduce energy consumption and its environmental impact. So, if you have a green building project in mind, this is the best option.

Gandalf mortgages

This bank knows that one of the biggest dreams that one of its clients can have, is to make their own home, that is why they have created one of the best options in mortgages. This loan has the purpose of being able to finance part of the total price of the dwelling in question.

Although it is important to consider that acquiring a home does not only imply the cost of construction, but it is necessary to plan the expenses derived from the acquisition, expenses such as notary costs, appraisal, etc. But in order to make this experience more pleasant for customers, the bank offers all the support necessary to fulfill the dream, without having to go through unpleasant experiences.

Advantages of Gandalf’s credits

The main advantages offered by Gandalf loans are that they are loans that can be accessed quickly, but also securely; But let’s analyze the advantages of each of the financing mentioned above.

Requirements to apply for a credit

Now let’s talk about one of the most important points for many of the clients, and this point has reference to the requirements that the applicant has to fulfill in order to be able to have the requested credit approved.

For the credit rapid it is only required to be a client of the bank, since it is thanks to the information of our account that the bank will be able to carry out the analysis to be able to grant the loan. If you are a client, we only have to approach the cashier and ask for the financing, this will be responsible for filling out the application and completing the procedure to apply for financing.

In the case of the credit study, the main requirement is to be able to verify that it is being studied or that we have registered with an educational institution. These documents are extremely important because based on them is whether or not to accept the amount requested.

Regarding loans for financial vehicles, regardless of whether it is a combustion engine vehicle or a hybrid vehicle, it is important to consider having the budget that is offered to us; besides that the vehicle must not be a vehicle with more than 3 years old; It is also important to mention that you can not finance the entire vehicle, but you must have a personal investment for this purpose.

As for the prestec regenera we will have to have a capital equivalent to at least 20% of the total investment; and to be able to verify this, it is of the utmost importance that we have a budget in which the investment that will be made is projected to make the dream of that construction a reality.

Loan application method

To be able to request the loans it is necessary that some procedures are carried out that vary depending on the type of loan, let’s see how to request each one of the mentioned loans.

For the credit rapid only it is necessary that we indicate to the cashier of the store in which we are, that we want this financing, there he will be the person in charge of carrying out the procedure and filling out the corresponding papers.

In order to apply for the rest of the financing, including the mortgage, it is necessary that we attend the bank’s offices in order to fill out the necessary forms, as well as deliver the necessary documents for each of the financing destinations.

Thanks to the focus on customer service that the bank offers, each of the cases will be analyzed individually and the client will be provided with the necessary support to carry out the process.

Loan repayment

The deadlines to return the amounts financed vary depending on the type of financing; As for personal loans, the most common is that a settlement period of maximum 4 years is granted, although it must be considered that in the case of student credit, the option of postponing the start of the loan payment by 1 year is granted. Only applicable if the graduate does not enter the labor market immediately.

As for the credits that are granted to be able to acquire or reform buildings, a term of up to 20 years is granted in order to be able to liquidate the total amount of the financing.

It is very important to have this term in mind when planning our personal finances. If we are careful with this cash flow planning it will be much easier for us to settle the debt in a timely manner without any difficulty in our daily lives. It is also important to consider that in case we have any doubt about how the credit will behave over time we can request the support of the advisor, who will gladly provide us with the necessary guidance to make a correct decision regarding our financings. .

For each of our cases it is important to request information from the advisor, about whether it is possible to pay capital without any penalty, if possible it is advisable that the debt be settled as soon as possible, as this way we will avoid an expense in the interest rate.

Extending and postponements

It should be mentioned that the only financing that considers an extension period is the Estudis loan, which is extended for one year, granted to graduates who do not enter the labor market immediately.

For the rest of the types of financing, in case of requiring an extension to be able to pay the amount, it is necessary to talk to the financial advisor, who will provide us with the necessary guidance on the possible options to which we can access, in addition to guide us about the negative or positive consequences of this extension.

In one of the possibilities we can find ourselves with only the interests on a monthly basis, so that we will liquidate the credit at the moment in which we have enough cash to be able to liquidate the rest of our debt.


In conclusion, we can mention that the Gandalf options offered to its clients are quite good and were created in order to meet the needs of their customers, due to this it is possible that some issues related to the conditions of the loans are negotiated at the time we are making the request.

Thanks to this we trust that the conditions that are granted to approve the financing are beneficial for both parties, and thanks to this we will be able to fulfill our goals in a simple way; but it is important that we also carry out personal planning so that we can enjoy healthy personal and family finances.

Fast online loan

Gandalf like other mini-credits have become today one of the primary tools to face all kinds of unforeseen expenses, many of which require that we respond quickly and effectively to the different eventualities that may surprise us at any time.

For this reason, it is essential to have knowledge of the various institutions with which we can count when these situations arise in which we require an immediate use of cash.

What is Gandalf

One of the best options that we can currently use in Spain is Gandalf, a website that offers the financial service to obtain fast online mini credits, an entity through which we can apply for loans urgently without complicated bureaucratic processes, which in Many times, they end up causing great delays with which in the end we can no longer solve the original problem for which we required such loans.

Also, Gandalf facilitates in many ways the management to request a loan, informing us the same day of the request, whether they have accepted or not our request for a loan.

It is for this reason that today we can count on a greater financial shielding against the economic emergencies that usually surprise us at the most critical moments of our day to day life, but as mentioned, this is no longer a problem of great magnitude, thanks to this innovative credit tool.

What makes Gandalf different

What makes Gandalf different from other financial institutions, lies in the ease with which you can access your credits, because one of its great peculiarities lies in the trust they try to provide to each of their clients.

Since they make loans even to people who are already in the credit check registry as debtors, a situation that is enough for many banks to deny any type of loan to their clients, but this is not the case of Gandalf, which Unlike many of the entities that provide financial services to which we can turn today.

Similarly, Gandalf is not only differentiated by the trust it has towards its clients, but also by the speed with which it provides its loans, since in just 24 hours we can use its credits in a guaranteed way, and this no need to make long lines in the banks, or do overwhelming procedures that seem interminable, only to finally deny us the credit we so much need at that time, which is often the case with most traditional banks.

Finally, one of the most notable differences, which make Gandalf a service of outstanding quality, is the provision of a technical service line that is available 24 hours a day, to answer any questions or clarifications that may arise. with respect to the loans that we wish to request, that we already have in process, or of those that we have already arranged.

Of course this is a very remarkable advantage, because with the banks we only have a specific schedule to receive some kind of attention in their facilities, which takes a lot of time to carry out other activities, which in the current times is essential, as people today they tend to live very busy with all kinds of work, family and social responsibilities.

Types of loans in Gandalf

We can apply for a variety of loan types at Gandalf, among which the following can be mentioned:

  • Credit
  • Easy Credit
  • Immediate Credit
  • Quick Credit
  • Fast Credit with credit check
  • Fast Credit Online
  • Quick Credit without Documentation
  • Fast Credit without Payroll
  • Online Credits
  • Personal Credits
  • Quick credits
  • Microcredits
  • Rapid Microcredits
  • Mini Instant Credit
  • Mini Credits with credit check
  • Mini Quick Credits Online
  • Mini-credit Online without Payroll
  • Minicréditos
  • Mini-credits Online
  • Mini-credits without Payroll
  • Online Credit Application

Each of these options will depend on our ability to pay, the time we need, the amount of payments we are willing to make, the means of payment, as well as the urgency we have to make use of the credits.

In this way, we have a wide range of possibilities so that the use of our credit is adjusted to our economic possibilities, and thus we have the greatest possible comfort to manage our credit situation, so that ultimately it depends on the characteristics Look for each applicant to decide on one or another type of credit.

Advantages of choosing Gandalf Credit

Having in mind the possibility of using Gandalf to apply for a mini credit, it is always essential to take into account the various elements on which this entity has several advantages over its potential competitors.

For people who want to know about these particularities, which could convince them when it comes to determining which is the best option to apply for a loan, we must mention those advantages that can turn Gandalf into a serious possibility to face any type of expense that we have to perform suddenly.

To begin with, one of the great advantages of this financial association lies in the facility it offers to make deposits to the credit card in a comfortable and safe way.

On the other hand, the speed of a loan through Gandalf is assured by allowing the application through a mobile phone or smart phone, so you can do the process from virtually anywhere you are, advantage that is essential to feel safe against any type of unforeseen, because just by counting on a mobile phone, we can emerge Gandalfous against emergencies that occur at inopportune moments, such as a vacation trip, the payment of a tuition, or a limited time offer .

With all these benefits, many will be asked if it is safe to enter your personal data online, but that is another of the great advantages of this service, as Gandalf ensures the total protection of personal data, so that their customers do not have to worry about any misuse of your personal information, so you can go to these credits without any concern.

The main features of Gandalf

Among some of the characteristics that make Gandalf very special, are the BNM security certificates, through which they can guarantee that all their data are encrypted, thus ensuring confidentiality in operations and the various processes of application to the credits.

Another feature is that to apply for a loan, we only have to select the amount and term that suits us best on your website, because each applicant has different needs and different payment capabilities, so we are offered the possibility to customize our credit so that it is as accessible to us as possible in every way.

Also, it is important to mention that you are not asked to justify the loan with a stable job, since you only need to have periodic income that can be demonstrated, such as a pension, an unemployment benefit or even family support, etc. .

Another very important fact is that Gandalf also allows foreigners to make use of their credits, requiring them only to reside in Spain, and to have their NIE and passport.

It is safe to ask for a loan at Gandalf

For those who hesitate only for the distrust that still exists towards online services, we must emphasize the fact that Gandalf provides maximum security and backup of your personal data, as it has BNM certificates, which are issued by an international certifying authority, which is responsible for the protection of transactions in line with industry standard encryption, which is already a guarantee that can give us absolute confidence in each of the transactions that are made.

Gandalf Requirements

For those who wish to apply for a loan with Gandalf, they are only asked for five very simple requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Reside in Spain.
  • Have a periodic income that can be demonstrated, such as payroll, a pension, or unemployment benefit.
  • Have a personal mobile phone
  • Have a bank account that is in your name.

Of course, these are five very basic and simple requirements, which in essence can be met without problems by the majority of the economically active Spanish population.

Interest rates of Gandalf

Regarding the interest rate, this is a fundamental fact for many of the potential clients, however, the rate is fixed individually, that is, depending on the characteristics of each loan of the applicants, so that only may set a rate after the respective credit check of each client, varying this based on the needs and capabilities of users.

However, the rates are very good according to the profile of the applicants, so they can be expected to be accessible and easy to use in order to complete the loans without problems.

You can ask for a loan with credit check in Gandalf

For those who wonder if you can ask for a loan while at credit check, the answer is yes, provided it is not for a financial debt, and that the amount is not greater than 2,000 euros.

Customer service Gandalf

The mobile phone is a great tool to make more dynamic and fluid loans, so it is always vital that you enter a personal phone and not a friend or family, it works as an application where you can receive messages of the status of our loan, as well as notifications of movements in them.

In the same way, providing our personal telephone will allow us to obtain an improvement in customer service and of higher quality, which is why it is essential that this requirement is not omitted by providing another person’s telephone, as this could only affect our final service.

How to apply for Gandalf credits

To apply for loans with Gandalf, we only have to carry out a series of simple steps to fulfill. First you must indicate the amount to request, as well as the date of the return of the credit.

Once this is done, only the forms must be filled out with our respective personal and financial information. Then we must receive on our mobile a series of instructions by SMS.

Then, if it is the first credit requested, you must check the data entered through the Instator platform, selecting your bank and connecting to your online banking in a very secure process.

Likewise, alternatively, documents can be sent by email, but for this option an immediate response to the request will not be obtained.

Subsequently, Gandalf will be notifying, either by SMS or by email if your request has been accepted. You only have to accept the contract conditions through a digital signature, and that same day, Gandalf will transfer to your bank account.

How to return credits of Gandalf

On the other hand, to return the requested loan, you only have to do it within the terms that you selected, either through a bank card, through your user account on your web portal, or through a bank transfer, indicating the amount of the invoice in the bank account, mentioning your ID in the reference of the transfer and the loan number.

Prorogations and postponements of the Gandalf

In the event that, due to a certain circumstance, the clients are delayed in some payment and have not processed any postponement for it, an interest penalty will be issued for the delay of the payments, with an amount that will be equivalent to 1% per day. late payments.

It is important to clarify that Gandalf does not admit to postpone the date of repayment of the loans, so it is vital that the applicants calculate the return date appropriately according to their ability to pay, because if they are delayed, the respective fees will be applied. unpaid

It should be noted that in any case, the penalties may exceed two and a half times the APR (annual equivalent rate).

Opinions about Gandalf

Susana G.- I contracted a loan with Gandalf for the payment of a machine in my business, it was very fast and simple.

Jorge L.- I wanted to surprise my wife and I asked Gandalf for a trip, it was great and easy to hire.

Manuel P.- Undoubtedly, it is a legit company, and it offers flexible credits.


In summary, Gandalf is a fairly safe company, which can be very useful when it comes to solving any unforeseen expenses that may affect our commitments in daily life.

Similarly, the mini credits are here to stay, and Gandalf is one of the best options we can take in this regard, for the facilities it provides, the easy access of their loans and the security of guarantees throughout the application process. and payment, even when this is done over the Internet, instruments that increasingly show greater security and support for users.

How to Apply for Online Loans in 10 Minutes!

Gandalf has a lot of experience in microcredits, which reflects to offer financial services for any person, for its inclusive system, they focus on the client obtaining the resource he needs, no matter the profile or if he is in a list of the credit check, the Loans in Gandalf have the most accessible and Gandalf customer service and efficiency you can find besides loans with incredible returns.

If you are currently on a list of defaulters and you need a loan, but you have already been denied by banks and private financiers, there are still options, Gandalf grants loans even if they are on credit check lists. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to make the arrangements in your home that you always wanted or pay overdue bills and unify them into a single loan, whatever the destination of the money, there will be no conditioning of use or forced time to check expenses, you only have to pay the amortizations agreed.

credit check is a database, created by Hobbit, a private company that charges a fee to credit, telephone, and service companies, among many others that pay to be able to consult the data of delinquent people.

What is Gandalf

Gandalf is an important member of the Gandalf Finance group, which offers microloans for a short period of amortization through the Internet. With a service of excellence and efficiency throughout Central Europe and Nordic countries, you can get your credit without paperwork and without explaining the fate of the money, just deposit it and establish a relationship of mutual trust.

What makes Gandalf different

  • More than a million satisfied customers recommend Gandalf. Satisfying the needs of the clients since always, with the fast loans you have an ideal opportunity for the unexpected expenses, to unify debts, to modify your home or to be able to take advantage of unique offers.
  • Without hidden expenses, the necessary information understandable and without risk, all in the most transparent way so that there are no tricks at the end of the month.
  • Availability 24/7, EVERY day of the year, It does not matter if you send your request at any time, the advanced system will decide if you are a candidate or not for the loan. If your loan has been accepted, the money will be sent by transfer immediately.
  • With the online platform, you can communicate your doubts to a team of online advisors who will always be available to help you, in the same way you can call but the service is just as efficient.
  • The fastest! If what you need is money instantly, Gandalf is the right choice, in just 10 minutes thanks to its innovative candidate verification system you will have the money deposited in your account, if you read it well, in 10 minutes you can go to withdraw the money of your account, without obstacles, without paperwork, without so many questions.

Types of loans in Gandalf

If this is the first time you operate with Gandalf, you can request a loan between € 50 and € 300 . If you ask for a loan again this limit may increase, depending on your financial possibilities.

To return the credit you have several possibilities from 5 days to 31 days to pay. For customers who have already requested a loan, this may have a longer term and be fractioned to facilitate payment.

You choose your loan and when to pay it, in the case that you estimate that you will not be able to amortize the amount on the agreed date, you can request an extension, which will have additional management costs. This extension is very easy to request from the website, below it is explained in detail, but it must be used with caution to avoid management expenses.

Advantages of choosing a Gandalf

The main advantage is that any adult with a fixed income can get a loan, no matter who is on the credit check list, or who does not have a credit history, the important thing is that they know that they have a Gandalf in any need. quick, does not need more than 10 minutes to go to corroborate the bank that the amount of money I requested was successfully deposited, does not require paperwork or complicated procedures that only lengthen things more, what Gandalf is looking for is to offer the best service, the best way, for anyone very quickly.

The main features of Gandalf

  • Availability 24 hours, 365 days a year
  • Excellent management and profitability
  • Exceptional service and human quality
  • The fastest and most efficient, in 10 minutes the money is available if you are approved
  • Ease of processing
  • Mutual trust
  • Credits to people in credit check
  • No small print, no sudden expenses.

It is safe to request a loan at Gandalf

Gandalf has the support of more than one million satisfied customers, they are proof that the service they offer is of the highest quality, worthy of all their trust, since Gandalf belongs to the Spanish Association of Minipréstamos Companies, this ensures professional and reliable financial services.

Credit Requirements

Do not grant any loan in Spain without reviewing the credit check, since it is very relevant the information that appears here, in the same way in Gandalf it is possible that even being in these lists you can obtain a credit, of course depending on the debt that you have will be the result of this, it is worth mentioning that this check is always made for any similar procedure.

Simply meet the following requirements to be an authorized candidate for a quick loan

  • Be 18 years old when performing the procedure. It is a requirement that all must meet, in addition, it is a requirement that without problems can meet.
  • Be Spanish, have the nationality or at least have a residence permit in force when you apply for a loan with credit check or without any debt. This document can be checked, for example, with Passport, National Identity Card or NIE.
  • Have a fixed monthly income
  • Lack of considerable financial debts, as already mentioned, it does not matter that you are in credit check but it does matter that your debt is not unpayable.

Maybe you wonder why they give loans to people who are delinquent, the basic reason is that the amounts that are offered on loan are not very high, so the repayment of the loan is not a complication for your personal finances.

Here are some acceptable sources of income to acquire a loan:

  • Payroll: is the source of income that is commonly shown by people who want to get a loan, where the monthly or biweekly payroll is shown
  • Pension: Retirement pensions count too much when you ask for a loan and more if you are on the credit check list.
  • Unemployment benefit: This is a similar case to the previous one, with the difference that the pension is for unemployment, so the financial status of the people who request it will be checked more carefully.
  • Scholarships: No matter the origin of the scholarship, the important thing is that you can cover the capital you are applying with the scholarship, you must show proof of the payments sent to you.
  • Declarations of self-employed: those who work for their own account are usually the most complicated to acquire a loan, now you can process it by showing an income or monthly payment, or bank statements.

Guarantees or properties

No backup or collateral properties are required to acquire a loan, all you need is what was mentioned before.

Interest rates of Gandalf

Regarding the interest rate, a policy similar to the rest of personal loans is maintained: moderate costs despite an APR that is complicated, with very economic figures when the credit is for a short term and a moderate amount.

Sometimes Gandalf launches the first interest-free loan, ideal time to take advantage of and take out a short loan at no cost or expense.

You can ask for a loan with credit check in Gandalf

Always defending the loans for anyone, as long as they respect the solvency conditions, with one of the most dynamic pages in Spain.

You can request your loan now, regardless of your status in credit check, the properties you have or the guarantees that support you, because Gandalf is always for you.

How to apply for Gandalf credits

With Gandalf you have the option to do everything in ten minutes, you just need to choose the amount you want to acquire, then create a personal account with your information and characteristics of your finances that will help you define whether the loan is granted or not, they are the only ones steps without delay or waste your time with the classic and tedious paperwork.

How to return a loan from Gandalf

The return, in three different ways is:

  1. Transfer

If you have activated online banking, you can enter your personal area, click on the loans section and send the money by electronic transfer.

  1. Credit or debit card.

If what you want is to issue the payment by means of a credit or debit card, you can enter your account, in the “Loans” section and then on the pay button. Then you can make the payment with any card.

  1. Deposit in the bank

You can make a deposit of the money in cash or with a transfer through the following bank account of BBVA: ES8301824853540201574115, you must indicate the following aspects:

  • Beneficiary Name: Gandalf GROUP SPAIN SL
  • Name of the Originator: Your full name
  • Concept: Your loan number and your ID number
  • Total amount: amount to be deposited with management expenses.

Extensions and postponements in Gandalf

We can all have unforeseen events, so delaying the loan sounds like a brilliant idea when paying, if it is estimated that paying will be complicated, the process is very simple, you just have to enter the web page with your username and password and request the extension by this same means, in the loan tab in the extension section; only a specific amount will have to be paid because of the extension and extension of the credit, this payment can be made through any of the 3 methods mentioned above

To make this payment by bank transfer or cash, you must deposit it to the following account:

  • Beneficiary: Gandalf GROUP SPAIN SL
  • In payer: Your full name
  • In concept: “Prorogation” plus your loan number and your ID
  • Total Amount: Amount shown in the personal area of ​​the Web page corresponding to the payment of the extension

Opinions about Gandalf

Ana L.- The loan was the most accessible and fast, I am already paying my second loan at and I have not had any problem, without a doubt the best option.

Iñaki A.- Very happy with the scheme they handle and with the requirements, since they trusted me when nobody else did it, the trust is mutual.

Daniel L.- An exceptional opportunity that you can not miss, I finished paying and I am thinking about acquiring my next loan because of the good experience I had when obtaining the loan, the best option in the market in my opinion.

Antonio V.- Thanks to modify my kitchen and remodel some things that were already needed, they did not hesitate to authorize the loan when other banks and financiers refused, now I finished paying and I realized how easy it was , the best choice has been


Gandalf is there to get up when everyone has dropped you, do not miss the opportunity they give you and get a fast, effective, retroactive and very easy to pay credit, currently the best option in the market with more than one million satisfied customers, can not be wrong, the efficiency of the advisors along with the performance and facilities that they offer to pay, make Gandalf your best option, contact us and receive all the information and advice without any cost or commitment.

How to Apply for Fast Loans in 10 Minutes!

Lilo offers financial tools to anyone who needs them, accessible and efficient mini-credits , with the highest profitability, confidence and discretion.

Since 2006 they have been striving every day to improve and offer the tools and options that the client needs, evolving depending on the needs of the client.

Trust is always important, so it is essential that when you need profitable financial support in the short term trust Lilo that will be willing to help you without the slightest problem, with an efficient and fast service. More than a personal benefit, Lilo seeks the common good of all citizens, as well as its economy, with Lilo microcredits you can settle or meet any economic problem that has been presented to you, solve it quickly and discreetly, with the greatest confidence of all Spain, Lilo.

What is Lilo?

Lilo is committed by its nature to generate responsible loans , following strict, detailed and very sensitive parameters to ensure the clarity of each loan they authorize, including the use of credit scores in different sources, verification agencies and financial solvency checks.

The risk analysis systems and established valuation models contribute to making decisions to give or not a loan with the necessary criteria to cover the current regulations to acquire it. Thanks to this, the decision taken will inform you immediately.

Lilo always follows legislative, ethical and moral practices in all its services. In addition, they are constantly improving the procedures to analyze the credit candidates, as well as the efficiency in the verification of solvency.

They offer the financial tool of loans without any guarantee, to a short term, to all the applicants that are suitable, this is determined through an application process of the simplest and simplest that will not take you more than 15 minutes.

The loans are available to be paid from 5 to 30 days or if it requires 2 or up to 3 months.

If this is the first time you have an operation with Lilo , you can request up to € 300, but if you amortize the terms in time and form you can increase the amount of the next loan up to a maximum of € 1,000 per exhibition, redeemable at a maximum of 3 months.

What makes Lilo different

At Lilo they encourage customers who are in financial difficulty to get in touch. They will be offered loans and advice to settle their debt at no cost. In order to offer them a quality service, they have waived commissions on this type of loans and with better refinancing conditions.

It is also important to assess and understand the responsibilities involved in accepting a loan of whatever amount. They expressly notify and clarify this point, in a very clear manner for all clients, this with the purpose of requesting the loan after having read and conscientiously decided the terms and conditions, as well as knowing with complete certainty that they will be able to fulfill their obligations. .

Lilo is different for many things, including its excellent customer service and its commitment policies for the economic welfare of society, so the loans acquired here are reliable, guaranteed and with the best performance, Lilo has received the European Bussiness Awards , which certifies it as one of the best in the sector offering quality services, security and transparency to all customers who require it, without distinction and without complication.

Types of loans at Lilo

There are two types of loan:

  1. First time user: you can receive up to € 300 loaned and pay them from 5 days to 3 months
  2. User with one or more loans paid: you can request up to 1 000 € loaned and pay them for 5 days up to 3 months.

Advantages of choosing Lilo

The advantages are diverse and varied, among these is:

  • the broad repayment terms
  • the monthly interest rates
  • the efficiency and speed of attention and decision
  • the human quality of our advisors, as well as of the company in general with facilities for all
  • total and absolute discretion
  • trust and security

The main features of Lilo

Responsible loans, we give what each person needs, nothing that they can not pay, the right loan for the right person, with special plans and services for those who have less resources.

Efficient and transparent attention, you will be informed immediately and instantly everything you need to know about the loan, how much you will end up paying in full and when, as well as the important details that can not be escaped, here there are no small letters or tricks at the end of the month, since you are informed of all the breakdown of the loan, as well as the terms and conditions of the same.

Your information is secure with Lilo, we protect your data and the operations you make valuable, so that discretion is one of the most sought-after features by customers at Lilo.

The best repayment terms and interest rates, so that there are no inconveniences to pay, we offer you the best options adapted to your solvency and economic capacities.

Is it safe to ask for a loan at Lilo?

One of the most reliable financial companies in Spain, for its long history with more than a decade in the financial sector always betting on the welfare of the Spanish economy, there is no more reliable option than Lilo, they show you everything you want to know, totally transparent and clear, without cheating or small letters, the most secure in microcredits is Lilo.

Requirements to obtain a loan at Lilo

To be a candidate for a loan, you must be at least 18 years of age, a constant source of income, have a valid official identification or a residence permit in Spain, a mobile number and successfully pass all credit and fraud controls.

Pretty simple requirements, compared to all the advantages offered by Lilo

Lilo interest rates

The debtor will pay 1.00% fixed daily for the duration of the Loan.

An annual equivalent rate (APR) is established, this APR is the total cost of the loan represented by an annual percentage of the total cost that the credit will have, this varies depending on the term in which the payment is extended.

How to apply for Lilo credits

Do you need a short-term loan? Do you want to get out of an economic need immediately? Does the bank make the credits difficult? Lilo is here to provide a solution to your concern.

To get the loan, you need:

  • Choose the loan details you want to request

As it is most probable that it is your first operation at Lilo, you will be able to apply for a loan of up to € 300 to be paid within a period of 5 to 30 days or up to 3 months.

Simply make a selection of the capital and term and click on the Request button.

  • Record your data during the first loan application and your account will be recorded for future operations.

It is necessary to include your personal data to register your user account and verify the reliability of the next debtor, to evaluate the case and study the situation, do not worry about the security of this information, since it is protected with algorithmic encryption protocols more insurance in the financial sector. From this part you can review the details of your application for the last time and change them if you wish.

  • Pass the verification of financial solvency and personal identity

In order to guarantee a quality service, we will ask for a verification of your identity for a single occasion, which will consist of making a € 0.01 transfer to confirm that the owner of the account where the money will be sent, whether you and not some kind of fraud. Financial details are also required to execute the corresponding credit checks.

  • Confirm the request

When you have submitted the form, it will be reviewed and in some cases, they could contact you to ask you some brief questions to be able to make a solid decision about your loan.

If you have already applied for a loan with Lilo, how do you request another one?

The process becomes faster and more efficient still. With the trust established between both parties, you can request a loan of up to € 1,000 to be paid within a period of up to 3 months.

The steps to follow are:

  • Choose the loan details

It should be noted that you must have completely finished paying the previous loan in order to request a new one.

  • Confirm the request

The application will be reviewed individually as in your first loan, depending on your current financial status, if you are granted credit again, there is no guarantee that you will be granted for having previously had a loan with Lilo, it all depends on your financial history and their economic capabilities.

How to return credits from Lilo

To return the credit that was granted to you there are multiple options, you must choose the one that best suits your time and distance, you can return it by means of a bank transfer to an account number that we will provide, in the same way you can direct the payment month to month to your credit card or to the debit card so you do not have to go to any bank branch to make payments.

You will have 5 days to 3 months to repay the loan, no more. You must comply in a timely manner to avoid interest arrears.

Extensions and postponements at Lilo

If for any reason beyond your reach you could not make the repayment of the credit in a timely manner, do not worry, it can happen to anyone, it is necessary to contact the advisors of the customer service as soon as possible. guide to avoid borrowing with interest and make an extension of payment.

You can defer the payment of your current loan between 5 and 30 days more by entering the Lilo website with your user account and password. Here you can see the option to extend the loan period within the ” My activities ” tab. You must confirm this procedure, you will have to accept the loan extension rate. Subsequently, you must submit the extension request and then pay the stipulated fee, before the original payment date expires. If you do not perform any of these steps, your extension will not proceed and there will be nothing to do.

Deferring the payment date of your loan is a viable option, if you assume that you will not be able to meet the debt on the original due date.

Opinions about Lilo

Juan V. – Without a doubt I ask for another loan with them, they offered me the opportunity, in the most practical and simple way, profitable and easy to pay, there is no better option in microcredit now I believe.

Jorge M.- They helped me pay the hospital bill immediately, they supported me without so many questions and without wasting my time, I was able to go out and generate the money again to pay.

Astrid P. – Excellent service, I have borrowed in other financial and certainly there is no such as Lilo, an impeccable service in all aspects, complete.

Iker S.- The most profitable there is, I was researching several credit options as I always do, and I found that Lilo fulfilled all my expectations of a short-term loan, they gave me the opportunity and today I am paying my third loan with they, without problems and with the accessibility of always.


Lilo has evolved over the years to offer the necessary financial tools to stabilize the economic balance in social classes, and improve the quality of life of people, without a doubt it is one of the best options in microcredit and one of the most reliable and profitable throughout Europe, do not stray further from your dreams and make them come true with Lilo.

The best loan offer? Get it here!

Malfoy is known in the world of mini-credit portals for offering great advantages to people who choose them to ask for the money they need in a momentary way thanks to being a search engine for companies that offer exceptional quick loans.

There are many ways to get the money that some people need quickly to cover unforeseen expenses, trips we want to make for a long time, gifts or whims, etc.

There is a great competition within the pages dedicated to mini-credits , that is why all seek to have the best options and conditions. In the case of Malfoy, these factors are the things most appreciated by the population that visits the Malfoy website, since they can find a quick solution to the situations they want to solve.

What is Malfoy

Headquartered in Switzerland, Malfoy is a registered trademark that does not act on the request of the mini-credits or on the lenders. Obviously just by requesting a mini credit with Malfoy will not be approved, but you will always have more possibilities than with a financial institution thanks to its conditions and waiting periods, both for the resolution of the application and for the return of the loan.

Malfoy, thanks to private capital, has formed a company with the objective of granting an unlimited number of fast credits thanks to its role as mediator. These are small amounts, making them very useful credits and appreciated by those who decide to request them.

If we visit your website, , we will realize that we will find opinions from users who have already made use of the quick loans offered by this page. We will also access the money that we can request, ranging from 50 euros to 750 euros to be able to return between 1 day and 30 days.

Malfoy tries to solve in a fast and efficient way, whatever our situation, with what is known as “fast loans” putting in contact people who need money with companies that offer it. Being legal and, through an automatic system, it gets that the documentary steps necessary to get that mini-credit does not take so long to be confirmed and can be used.

What makes Malfoy different

If we had to do a ranking among all the web pages dedicated to the realization of financial activities, in this case the loans, Malfoy is one of the most visited pages by the population in search of this type of credit exploring solutions.

But something that makes Malfoy definitely different from other websites or companies is that all their procedures, whether they are requests or resolutions of doubts, are made through the Internet. There is no phone number or physical location to which you can go.

Does this make Malfoy less reliable compared to another company that does? It will depend on the person, but objectively, it is a commercial company that seeks to lower costs in exchange for giving a less personal treatment to its users.

Another big difference of this page versus another one is that, not only allows us to be known as quick loans, but also personal loans and car pawning , which allows us to choose one type or another according to our needs and, based on that, we will get some or other conditions.

Finally, we must also take into account that Malfoy, unlike other pages that work with a single monetary capital, here according to the loan that we need, the money will be received from one company or another.

Advantages of choosing Malfoy

When it comes to putting advantages and creating conditions for users of Malfoy, this company offers some that we can find desirable when it comes to getting a loan that solves what we need:

  • The availability of an automatic system, allows the great advantage that the procedures are fast and do not need as much paperwork as in a usual financial institution.
  • It is a kind of “seeker” of companies willing to lend certain amounts of money, Malfoy being the mediating and selecting company of the companies according to the loan that we need.
  • Our request, which can only be made through the Internet, will be confirmed to us via SMS without having to receive any type of call to confirm it, since in this case we must bear in mind that we do not have a Malfoy phone.
  • According to the company that lends us the money, the average of days to return our minicréditos range between one day and 30 days.

The main features of Malfoy

Malfoy is your best solution if you are looking for a web page where you can access a loan from which you can make a way to solve a momentary situation in our lives. Here your application will not need a lot of paperwork to be taken into account nor a long wait thanks to its automatic system.

The most important thing about Malfoy is that, thanks to its ability to mediate between many companies and users of the website, the interests and conditions are only information until it becomes a reality while we confirm our contract with the company that we choose

Finally, we must bear in mind that another feature that is very appreciated by Malfoy users is the amount of paperwork required to start the application process. Your automatic system only requires us to fill out the application online with our identification document, a mobile phone and a checking account.

It is safe to ask for a quick loan in Malfoy

We can not forget that Malfoy is a web page dedicated to connecting users with financial needs to companies that are dedicated to fast loans .

Is it safe to leave our data on your website making a request for a credit?

Yes, although at the beginning the Internet and all its pages always give us a little bit of reparation, Malfoy is under advanced SSL encryption, having all your information protected under the professionalism of Comodo Internet Secure.

Malfoy requirements

Malfoy, being a search engine for companies dedicated to loans especially fast, does not require requirements beyond the basic to be able to make the request in conditions and to be well registered and registered to begin the search for those companies that have requirements that resemble what we need.

According to the company with which, finally, we decide to sign the contract of our loan when we meet the requirements, advantages and disadvantages that this company demands or asks us or puts in our favor.

If we look only at Malfoy, we just need to fill out the online application form along with our personal information, a phone number and our bank account number. Surely they ask us to scan some kind of proof that that bank account belongs to us.

Interest rates in Malfoy

Although Malfoy is a website of mediation between the users of its website and online companies dedicated to quick loans , as it could happen in other cases, Malfoy does not ask for any interest or fees to carry out such management.

That is to say, in the case of using Malfoy, we can be sure and calm that the loan that we request with a particular company will not raise your return interest beyond what we have signed with that company, no matter how much we have done the management through the Malfoy mediator.

The interests of the fast loans will depend on the companies with which we sign our loans and the type of these, that is, the rates are imposed by the companies themselves and not by Malfoy.

You can ask for a loan with Fern in Malfoy

As when talking about interest rates, in the case that we appear in the list of Fern, the list created to be a record of those people who have monetary debts, so if we are in this situation is a bit more delicate.

We will find companies that will not care and bet for us and us in the same way, and many others that do not. That is why at Malfoy we can find both types of companies and compare with which of them we can achieve our goal more quickly.

Mobile application and customer service at Malfoy

In the case of Malfoy, everything is done online: from the request for the registration in your database to the resolution of any type of doubts that we have. They do not have any type of mobile application for users nor any telephone number to which the people who visit their website can call.

This decision is due to its mediating role between the mini-credit applicant population and online companies that provide private capital. It is a way to lower costs and thus, not having to implement any additional interest or rate.

Types of loans in Malfoy

In Malfoy we can find three types of loans to get a company that meets our needs thanks to its search engine capabilities. In Malfoy we have the most used and most sought after option by the population: quick loans.

These quick loans can be from 50 euros to 750 euros, to be repaid in a maximum of 30 days , as parameters for the search of companies dedicated to this type of loans. Among all these companies we can choose the one that best suits us for their interests and conditions.

On the other hand, they are working on personal loans and car loans , both following the same process as fast loans but with other types of prices, companies, rates, etc.

The important thing about these three types of loans is that, Malfoy, follows the same automatic search mechanism for all three: it presents all those online companies known to offer this type of service and that may interest us, and it will be our decision to decide with which of them we sign a contract or if we do not want to sign a contract with any of them.

How to apply for Malfoy quick credits

As we have already mentioned, Malfoy does not offer loans in itself, but rather facilitates the way we find the best company that fits our needs to get a loan that suits us.

What Malfoy does need to start the process is that we register on his website through his online application, where we will have to put our personal information: name, surname, phone number, a bank account, etc.

In addition to filling out the basic application, we will also be asked to send a document that will be sent to our mobile phone, showing that the bank account we have presented is listed as the account holder.

According to the schedule to which we apply for the loan and finish the whole process, the money will be paid, that is: if our application is approved by the company before 3:00 p.m. (Spanish time), the money will be transferred to our account before 10 minutes.

While, if we do after that time, we will have to wait for the next day or, if we do it during the weekend, until the following Monday we will not be able to have that money, so these are aspects that we will have to take into account at the time of making the request and start the whole process at Malfoy.

How to return credits from Malfoy

We do not have to refund Malfoy any type of credit, that is, since it is a search engine and a link between users and financial companies with private capital, we do not have to return any type of credit.

To the company with which we sign the contract for our quick credit with the conditions and interest rates that we have reached, and it is to this company that we will have to return our mini-credit before the end of the term or warning, if we are not going to be able to finish paying it, so that the company takes it into account and takes the appropriate measures.

The average number of days to return our loan quickly can be up to 30 days in many companies, in addition, we have to take into account that depending on whether it is our first loan or not, the interest that we will have to pay will be different and will be added to the terms of our credit.

Extensions and postponements

As we have mentioned in several previous sections, Malfoy, since it is a search engine, does not offer any extensions or deferrals for the credits that we request from other companies. It only serves to inform us of the steps we can take if we are in a situation in which we need either of the two options.

The first thing we must do is notify the company with which we have the credit of our situation and, this will be the one that will inform us if we will have to assume some kind of rate for the “postponement”, which can range between 10 euros and 50 euros. Notifying us at the same time of how many days we will have to be able to pay this loan.

Always remember that Malfoy does not charge anything for your search service, so if you delay in your payments of your loan, you will not apply any kind of rate or rate, since that corresponds to the company with which we have signed the contract of our credit.

Malfoy reviews

Malfoy has become the best search engine for companies willing to offer fast loans online on hand to anyone who needs to find a solution for a momentary situation.

We can even know options that we did not know and that can serve as a balm without having to get drowned at the end of the month, use deferrals, leave loans without paying behind our backs, etc.

Many companies, and increasingly, are interested in appearing in this type of search engine because they open the door to be more known by the population, solve problems that are of a temporary nature, make trips or gifts that have always been wanted, etc. , and offer their services in a serious way and without hidden tricks or fees.

Malfoy offers a perfect window for its users to manage, with a single web page, a large number of companies that can offer a large number of solutions to what they are looking for without the need for our computer or mobile phone to become crazy of pop-up windows.

So if you are determined to ask for a quick loan but you have reasonable doubts about which page to do it, Malfoy is your best ally: put the parameters of the credit you need, register your application and Malfoy will do everything else, although the last decision always the you will take


Malfoy is one of the best known platforms for giving quick credits. Through the platform you can get up to 750 euros that you can have in your possession for up to 30 days.

However, remember that Malfoy is not a platform that will give you the money as such, but it acts between two companies looking for ways of financing for the clients that come to them. This tells us that it is a completely legal and loyal company with its clients, since they will always look for the best option for companies or people that request this type of credit. Thanks to Malfoy, you can get an intermediary company without this implying additional fees or you have to apply to several companies.

When you are going to apply for the Malfoy company, there are many affiliates to the Malfoy company and among all the lenders of the company, they will decide whether or not it is a good option for the platform

Other Malfoy things you should keep in mind are:

  1. Malfoy is part of a society traficc control SA in Geneva
  2. It is a company that has all its activities at the national level
  3. Since its creation, Malfoy has already been able to grant more than 528,000 quick credits with a total of 285 million euros.
  4. The type of acceptance of the loans is 94.85%

As you can see, it is one of the best options in companies, since it is the company that connects you with other companies and in this way you do not have to find the one that is most suitable for you.

Most of these types of loans are given to customers with extreme speed, which makes this one of their best known and best advantages.

This means that we can deal with any type of unexpected bills without having to despair and also, within a period of just a few hours.

All fees must be completely flexible and the terms are fully adapted to you and not you to them.

Regarding the disadvantages, although it does have some, they are not serious and, given the advantages they give, they are hardly taken into account. some entities offer a higher interest to customers than traditional banks and it is always advisable to read the fine print, especially when it is the first time that a company of this type is accessed.

Malfoy is a company that has been in the market for years and has an endless number of clients who have obtained loans with the entity if no problem. Keep in mind that the company has an official page of total transparency, since it is not the one that grants the credits, but it works as an intermediary page .

How to Apply for Loans and Credits

Gabdalf is an entity that is responsible for offering loans to customers, with very interesting conditions. From the moment you get in touch with the entity you can know if they grant you the money you are looking for: it does not mean that they will grant it to you in any circumstance, but at least they will tell you in a very short time. If the thing fails, at least you will have enough time to look for another option.

In the event that you need money to fulfill a dream, to reform your home, to renew your vehicle, to take a trip, even to organize your wedding, Gabdalf can give you the financing you are looking for.

In the following lines we will analyze in detail everything that is capable of offering you.

What is Gabdalf and how does your loan / credit system work?

“Gabdalf Finance” is a company that is based in Germany. It would be founded in 2014, with some years of experience behind it. Its founders are 3 leading professionals specialized in the technological and financial field: Oliver Schimek, Daniel Schlotter and Marie Louise Seelig .

The reason for the foundation of the entity was to create a revolutionary product in the market: a platform that would change the way of offering financing. The idea was to offer the user a new system based on the possibilities of the technology of the moment.

Gabdalf offers varied credits to users who live in the EU. They have associated a very low level of interest, so they are quite profitable.

If you need money urgently , fbut you can not (or do not want to), access the type of financing offered by banks, you can always opt for this entity.

The operation of Gabdalf is different from the traditional way of offering a credit by other financiers: the objective is to connect people who have savings or a certain capital that they will not give out at that time, with people who need it . These two parts are interconnected, allowing both to get the maximum benefit possible at all times.

Is Gabdalf legit?

Gabdalf works with two prestigious companies that consider themselves a benchmark in the market, with Goblins and with Archers .

On the one hand, Archers is a bank that is endorsed by the Bowlers. That is, that guarantees that all deposits will be fully cared for; In the event that the entity breaks, we can be sure that we will recover them.

At the same time, Goblins is a consultancy that specializes in matters related to new technologies. Your participation in this process is to guarantee the privacy of the customer’s personal data. And it is that, as you already know, when a quick loan is processed you work with sensitive information; If the data is not treated in the way that could be expected, from the outside it could be accessed, which would lead to significant problems.

This union, in combination with what customers say about Gabdalf (which we will analyze in the corresponding section), makes us think that this entity is legit .

What requirements do we have to meet to request a loan with Gabdalf?

Fulfilling the requirements is easy, since they are minimal. Of course, you will not have to fill in as much paperwork as in a bank. These are the ones that will ask us:

  • Age: Only those who are of legal age can ask for credits.
  • Income: It will be necessary to prove that money is received on a monthly basis; the most common is to do it through a payroll, although it can also be done with a benefit, or with a help.
  • Bank account: It will be necessary to indicate the bank account number; In addition to checking the identity of the applicant, it will also be used to enter the money if everything is in compliance.
  • Mobile phone: To verify the account, in addition to receiving alerts on the status of the loan, it will be necessary to indicate a number of a mobile phone of which it is the holder.
  • Residence: It is required that the applicant have a minimum residence of 2 years in the country in which he will request the money. Of course, this must be able to prove with the corresponding document.
  • Other requirements: The most surprising requirements are to have a webcam and a microphone. And it is possible that you need to verify the identity via streaming . In addition, these elements are very practical when contacting customer service.

Although it is not specified in the requirements, the most normal thing is that they deny the loan in the event that the applicant is in some type of delinquent registry, how to the Ferb or the Phineas or that, at least, they have very high debts in these databases.

Characteristics of Gabdalf loans

Gabdalf allows you to request a minimum amount of € 1500 and a maximum amount of € 30,000 . As we can see, they are not very large quantities (for example, they are not designed for us to buy a house). It is a rather reserved resource for when you want to get money urgently and you can not or want to access another type of financing.

As for the repayment term, the applicant may choose to return it comfortably in 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months .

Depending on the amount of money that is requested, as well as the time of return, a higher or lower level of interest will be applied. The system will study it automatically and will present them to us before accepting.

So that you can better know how it works, you should know that the Gabdalf algorithm is capable of classifying each client based on their level of risk. In this way, the annual rate can range from 4.5% to 31.73% (this interval will really depend on the economic solvency of each user).

To give an example, in case the system has classified you in the category of ‘B’, and you want to request a credit of € 2,500 with a repayment term in 2 years , the system will determine that you must pay monthly 118, € 27 , and that the total amount of money that you will have to pay back at the end will be € 2847.86 .

With Gabdalf, we will not have to face any kind of deception: the interests will be clear from the first moment; If we are not interested, or if they seem abusive, we simply do not have to continue with the process.

How to apply for Gabdalf loans and loans?

If you are thinking of asking for a loan with Gabdalf , you will soon realize how simple the procedure is, since you can conclude it just by following 5 simple steps.


The first thing you should do is complete the registration process. From the initial page you can find the link that will take you to register … but before that you will have a credit simulator that will be very practical.

Through it you must enter the amount of money you want to request, the time of return, as well as the reason why you are going to request it (for example, if it is to pay for studies, to make a reform at home, to face medical expenses, etc.)

If you have ever requested an online credit , you will notice that the Gabdalf form is somewhat longer than normal. This, although it may seem a nuisance to the user, is actually an advantage. And that is how we can obtain a much tighter budget without errors. The moment they tell us what we are going to pay, that figure will be maintained until the end.

Credit rating

As we have finished filling in the data, at that moment you will be able to know what your credit rating is ; that is, the valuation that the system gives you based on your economic solvency.

As we have already commented, the most usual thing is that the loans requested by people rejected by databases of defaulters (such as Ferb or Phineas ), are also rejected here. But this is not always the case, in fact, Gabdalf defines itself as an entity capable of giving an opportunity to those who really deserve it. If we have a debt before, the entity will examine our case carefully; With a bit of luck we may be granted the money.

Revenue verification

If we manage to reach this step, now we will have to send the documents in which our receipts of income appear. For example, they can be the last 3 payrolls (if we have employment), it can be an extract from the bank account, a document that proves that we are receiving a subsidy, unemployment, as well as any other important document.


The system takes the security of the platform very seriously, so it will require users to verify their identity.

This step is very curious, and is that we will not have to send copies of the DNI, since the verification system is done through a video conference .

For this we will have to have a camera, with our ID or equivalent, in addition to a microphone. It can be a bad drink for some, but it is the only way to ensure that identities are not impersonated.


As a final step, we will have to sign the documents. Forget about having to print them, scan them and then upload them again, because with Gabdalf we can manage the signature electronically, and without the need for digital certificates or any other similar resource.

How long will we receive the money?

The truth is that there is no stipulated time series, since it will depend on each user. The application will be added on the platform and will be there for 30 days . If you want to know the status of it, in addition to any change, you will have to access the “User Area”.

How is a loan repaid in Gabdalf?

When you already have the money in your bank account, you will soon receive an e-mail in which the loan conditions will be detailed, in addition to indicating the exact period in which you must make the return.

The payments are made automatic; that is, they will automatically debit the day after we have agreed. If we do not have enough money in the account for that day, we will generate important interests, so we must be very careful with this.

Extensions or Deferrals

If you do not have money in the account to cover the payment, or if you think that you will not be able to collect it by then, the best thing you can do is contact your customer service . You can do this through the telephone, or by sending an e-mail to .

Advantages of Gabdalf loans


They are loans that are granted very fast; Even if the request has been denied, the answer will be received as soon as possible, and so you can take another alternative.

No financing problems

The money does not come directly from Gabdalf , but from other users who have a solvent ability to lend the money. That is why, the entity is not going to run out of funds.

Minimum commissions

The entity will not charge you for the service. The only thing that will have to be paid is a small commission to Archers in relation to the opening of the loan. In any case, it is a minimum commission.

Gabdalf reviews

In all opinions it is agreed that Gabdalf is an entity that can be trusted; If urgent money is needed, you can help us out.

Conclusion: Is it worthwhile to trust Gabdalf?

Taking into account the two entities that support it, its high level of benefits, its high number of positive opinions , and all the facilities it offers when requesting urgent money , we can conclude that yes, it is worth trusting .

Of course, always analyze the interests and fees of any loan to avoid problems later.

How to Apply for credits and loans online

The process of requesting a personal loan from a financial institution such as any of the major banks in Spain can result in a somewhat complex task for some, so sometimes it is essential to attend a bank that offers a good service and administration of your resources; In addition to having previously been very well informed of all the details about the loan you wish to apply for.

There is a great variety of loans and many banks offer different services and commissions for each of these, so it is important that you are informed of the different types of loans that exist in each of the banks, and critically choose one that is adapt to the particular needs of your personal case.

Personal loans up to 60,000 euros

Here we will talk specifically about the personal loans that you can request from Gandalf Bank , what are the characteristics of each of your different loans and offer you a guide on how to request them if some of these suits your needs and interests you.

As a little information about this bank we can tell you that Gandalf Bank is the first European bank and one of the main financial institutions in the world. It has a presence that spans the five continents, offering a wide range of products and services to individuals, companies and comparisons, which adapt and meet their needs. So you can feel safe when attending and deposit your trust towards this company; Now we can go on to review the different types of loans offered by this European company.

Loan Trust Fixed Rate

The first type of loan that we will review is the Gandalf Bank Fixed Security Loan , which has a fixed interest rate with which you should not worry more about possible variations of the Eudora. It has a maximum amount of up to 60,000 euros and a maximum term of 8 years. This type of loan can be used for any purpose, such as buying a car, taking a trip, home renovation, among other purposes.

Here are the exact characteristics of the Fixed Type Trust Loan type:

  • Amount: up to 60,000 euros (Amount you want, in the term you want)
  • Maximum term: 8 years
  • Fixed interest rate
  • TIN: 8.99% *
  • APR from 11.04% to 15.62%
  • Opening commission: 1.50% minimum 60 euros
  • No study commission

(In addition, from the second year, your interest rate is reduced by one point: to 7.99% TIN *)

Loan Changes

The second type of loan is named Loan Cambia Gandalf Bank , with this loan you can start saving when you change your current loan from another entity to Gandalf Bank . In this way, improving the interest rate and benefiting from great advantages.

With this type of loan you will be offered three alternatives to improve your current loan, which are the following:

  • Reduce your current quota
  • Expand the loan amount
  • Expand the term of the loan

The characteristics and conditions that are offered in this type of loan can be reviewed below:

  • Fixed Interest Rate: 6.25%
  • APR: from 6.44 to 6.48%
  • No study fees or opening
  • Maximum term: up to 96 months
  • Amount: up to 60,000 euros maximum

In addition, you will be guided in all the steps to follow to change the loan and you will have a personal manager from your first day, so you can carry out the movements with the simplest way with the best care.

Auto Loan

The last type of loan you can request from Gandalf Bank is the new Auto Loan , which is a loan exclusively for the acquisition of a new car, with which you will benefit from preferential financing and a package of exclusive services that will make your life easier and more comfortable with your new car.

The characteristics and advantages of this type of loan are the following:

  • Fixed interest rate: 8.25%
  • APR: from 8.95% up to 12.86%
  • Amount: up to 60,000 euros maximum
  • Maximum term of up to 8 years

You can also enjoy the advantages of the exclusive services pack called the Free Assistance Pack, which contains the following benefits:

  • ITV pick-up service: a driver will pick up your car at your home, pass the ITV on your behalf and return your vehicle to your home.
  • Chauffeur service: you and your vehicle will be picked up by a driver in case you can not drive by accident or illness, wherever you are.
  • Technical office of the automobile: with this service you can solve all the technical doubts that you may have about your vehicle. (benefits, maintenance, breakdowns, repair budgets, etc.)
  • Replacement vehicle: in case of theft or immobilization of more than 5 days, a rental vehicle will be offered for the duration of the repair or appearance of the car.
  • Theft or loss of car keys: a duplicate of your key will be sent to you as quickly as possible, wherever you are.
  • Management of traffic sanctions: you can prepare and submit the necessary briefs for the defense before sanctioning administrative procedures.

How to apply for Gandalf Bank loans?

If you think that one of these loans could fit your current needs you can apply for the loan by attending any Gandalf Bank office or financial agent , you can consult a list of the nearest available offices by accessing this link https: //www.Gandalf- .

For personal loans at Gandalf Bank you can request a maximum amount of up to 60,000 euros, however, the amount can change depending on each loan, so it is recommended to consult the bank’s financial agent.

In case you need to cancel your loan in advance, and depending on the type of loan you have hired, a commission will be applied on the part of the capital that is still to be returned; this is only a point to consider, before you perform any operation in the bank.

Hopefully this little guide has been useful, and we wish you the best of luck for your loan project in case you have decided on this reliable loan option at Gandalf Bank.

Gandalf Bank Online reviews

Opinion one: I am a client 5 years ago and at the moment I have not had any problem, they are all professionals and whenever I have had a doubt they have solved it in a short time. Even so, it should be noted that the conditions are not the best in the market, which is not a bad bank, just not very competitive.

Opinion two: I am a client for many years and the truth is that the deal is perfect and have professionals in the entity. They have never tried to overspend us or put us in insurance in exchange for something else. I have a payroll registered in the entity and they do not charge me any commission at all; I do not know if it has to do with the payroll, but I have never had an undue problem or charge with them. In the long run, I have been passing all my friends and family to the bank and they are also satisfied customers

Opinion three: For me, this is one of the best banks, of German origin, I feel that it deals with each one of its clients and tries to give a high profitability to all.


Undoubtedly, it is one of the most profitable German banks for all its clients. It is also one of the primary entities in many parts of the world and with an experience of more than 100 years behind it.

Nowadays, the entity is present in more than 70 countries and gives several types of financing to private clients.

How to Apply for Fast Loans Online

Harry Potter is a fully Spanish company that specializes in short-term personal loans , whose objective is to provide the necessary financial loans to help their customers in an agile manner before any financial inconvenience they may have. Harry Potter offers simple and fast solutions so you do not have to go through long bureaucratic processes that cost you time and money, being yourself the one who decides the amount of money you need.

Choosing Harry Potter is a very good option for people over 23 years of age residing in Spain who need a loan, since the terms to pay are very flexible and it is a totally safe and transparent service, in addition to always having an effective attention and quick answers about the status of our credit. The information is clear from the beginning, so there will be no doubt about the amount requested, the deadlines and the commissions that must be paid.

What makes Harry Potter different?

A very important differentiator in Harry Potter when compared to other credit companies, is that by choosing this option, the company will offer you a credit of up to 300 Euros on your first loan totally free . This means that throughout your return period you will not have to pay interest or commissions , nor submit to small print contracts that only make everything more confusing.

Another of the differentiators of Harry Potter is that it has a system to request quick money through the website or by phone, without mentioning that from their Nook page they attend to all the needs and doubts that you have about them. There is no doubt that it is a company that cares for its customers and gives them the necessary attention.

Once your application has been accepted, you will immediately receive an SMS that will confirm the success of the process, so you will not have to go through long uncertain times to confirm your loan. This will be reflected in your bank account, so you can dispose of it immediately.

Harry Potter is different since its interest rates are the best in the market, reaching -0% on your first loan . This means that you will have to return exactly the same amount that was lent to you, without commissions and without interest.

Advantages of choosing Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a company that offers multiple advantages to its customers. For starters, there are several ways in which you can repay your loan, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • Bank transfer: If you decide, Harry Potter will provide you with an account number in which you can deposit your monthly payments, you just have to be careful to always include your reference number to locate your payment in the system
  • Charge in your account: If it is facilitated more, Harry Potter can make the charge in your bank account automatically, in this way you do not worry about your loan and you just have to be aware of having enough funds to pay it.
  • Payment by card: You can also call Harry Potter’s phone and make your payment charged to your card.

Another advantage that Harry Potter offers you is that in case you can not make your payment on time, you have the opportunity to postpone the payment for 30 days by paying a corresponding commission. No doubt this is very useful in times when we are short of money. In addition, applying for a loan in Harry Potter is very simple, since it is not necessary to have guarantees or need to do long and tedious paperwork procedures.

Harry Potter adapts to almost any person, since unlike other companies, you can apply for your loan if you are between 23 and 75 years old , this is a great advantage especially for the elderly, who also find themselves in situations of needing a credit at times.

The main characteristics of Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter: grants short-term loans quickly and easily, to people of Spanish residence in a range of 23 to 75 years, allowing many people to have the necessary resources to fulfill their dreams.
  • Harry Potter: has the lowest interest rates in the market, reaching 0% interest during your first loan of up to 300 Euros.
  • Harry Potter: use the technological tools so that you can request your credit from your mobile phone, computer or by calling the customer service number or simply by sending a WhatsApp to the number 676379153., forgetting about long bureaucratic processes in which you must stand until completing them .
  • Harry Potter: has free customer service from Monday to Friday so that any questions or problems you have can be resolved in the shortest possible time
  • The requirements that Harry Potter asks to receive a loan are very few, so that almost anyone with income is a candidate to receive a loan of this type.
  • Harry Potter loans reach up to 750 Euros in the short term, allowing you the possibility to enjoy it for 7, 14 or even 30 days , and if necessary, you can extend the payment period another 30 days with the cost of a small commission .

Harry Potter requirements

The requirements to have a Harry Potter credit are very few. You only need an ID (DNI / NIE), reside in Spain and enter the age range of 23 to 75 years. Even those who do not have their ID, can apply for a loan in Harry Potter with another ID such as a passport. It is also necessary that you have a valid and active debit or credit card. As a complement to the acceptance process, it is also necessary that you present bank statements of the last three months , and that you have a mobile phone within your reach in which you can be located and be fully functional.

Harry Potter’s interest rates

Harry Potter’s interest rates are characterized by being the lowest in the market, since your first loan is equivalent to an interest rate of 0%, as long as it is equal to or less than 300 euros . Later, if you decide to request another loan, the interest rate will vary depending on the number of days you decide to enjoy your loan, regardless of the amount of money you need to lend. Recall that Harry Potter is characterized by having short-term loans , so you can keep your loan with you for 7, 15 or even 30 days.

If you want a 7-day loan, the interest rate will equal 11%. If you decide to have a 14-day loan, the interest rate will be equivalent to 16% and finally, if you need a 30-day loan, the interest rate will be 27%. If there is a case in which you need to extend the payment term of your loan, do not worry, you can do it simply by paying a small commission. Now, if that period passes and you still can not repay the loan, you will be charged a commission of 1% per day until you finish paying it.

Can I ask for a loan with credit checking in Harry Potter?

First we have to talk about what credit checking means. credit checking stands for the National Association of Financial Credit Establishments and is a business association that groups entities that offer loans to their clients and together with them, a database is created on the situation of their clients regarding their payment behavior. This works so that companies have a tool to decide whether they will grant a credit to a person based on their credit history and payment habits.

In the case of the short-term microloans granted by Harry Potter, like most of the short-term credit companies, it is important that they do not appear in any of the delinquent records of credit checking, since it is one of the databases that Harry Potter takes as a reference to know if you are a potential client in which they can trust the return of the loan . So if you find yourself on these lists, it is best to find another financial institution or method to finance your project, otherwise, Harry Potter is a very good option for you since your credit will be approved almost immediately and you can enjoy of your money in a short time.

How to Apply for a Fast Credit in Harry Potter

One of the advantages of Harry Potter is that its method to apply for a short-term loan is quite simple, as well as fast and effective . The first step is to enter the official website where you will find a simulator in which just filling some data you will have a very accurate and comprehensive budget that will let you know how much time you have to pay and the amount of interest you will have to pay . When you are convinced, you can apply for the loan on the same Harry Potter website , or call the customer service number where qualified professionals will assist you and you can get your credit instantly.

The application of short-term credits is quite simple and effective. Simply request on the website or by phone the type of credit we need. Immediately the request will be reviewed and in a short time we will receive a response. If the application is accepted you will know it through an SMS text message that will confirm that the company Harry Potter has granted you the loan. In a few moments you will be receiving the money by means of bank transfer in your account. If your loans are pre-approved, you will be asked for proof of fixed income and the necessary documentation to verify your identity. What you should do now is send proof of income, and the most effective and simple way to do it is uploading your documents to the Harry Potter website. You will also need to attach an image of your DINI / NIE in color on both sides and a bank statement for the last 3 months. Do not forget to include your personal information in the documents.

It may be the case that for one reason or another, your application for short-term microcredit is rejected. If so, you will know by a notification via SMS on your mobile phone. If this happens, do not be discouraged, after a few days you have the opportunity to request a short-term loan with Harry Potter again .

Any questions you may have, Harry Potter’s customer service team is efficient and you can find it Monday through Friday by telephone. It also has an online chat on the website where you can talk in real time with qualified personnel to resolve and answer all your doubts about it, whether you are a client prospect or a regular customer. In the same way, you can go to one of its branches where they will give you personalized attention, and you can even receive a solution to your doubts through their Nook page.

Types of loans in Harry Potter

The loans offered by Harry Potter are short-term, destined to people who, for one reason or another, need emergency money, and commit themselves to pay it during the established period. The credits are granted and charged depending on the number of days we need to enjoy our loan:

  • The first loan is free, since you are granted a credit of up to 300 EUR without interest or any commission for 30 days.
  • If you later need a 7-day loan, you will be charged 11% interest.
  • If what you need is a 14-day loan, your interest will be 16%
  • Finally, 30-day loans have an interest cost of 27%

Extensions and postponements in Harry Potter

Harry Potter understands that there are times when things do not work as planned and we are faced with financial contingencies. In case something like this happens and you do not have the capacity to pay your loan on the established date, do not worry. You can request an extension to finish paying your credit. There are two main ways to do this:

  • You can choose to pay a 30-day deferment fee. This will be by bank transfer and will allow you to have an extra time to finish returning your payment.
  • You can also contact the customer service team online or by telephone, who will guide you to make the payment for deferment directly with your debit or credit card.

In case you have already requested the deferment of the loan, and you are still unable to make the payment, you should take into account that your credit history will be negatively affected. Additionally, you will have to pay 1% per day for the total amount of the loan until you finish repaying your loan. Take into account that the best option is to contact the Harry Potter customer service department as soon as possible so they can help you evaluate and control the situation and choose the best option so that you can repay your loan.

Opinions on Harry Potter

Undoubtedly, Harry Potter offers all the advantages and facilities that a person needs when requesting a short-term microcredit. Wherever you are, Harry Potter has an option for you to obtain money and will personally assist you in all the doubts you may have. All the processes in Harry Potter are quick and easy to use and understand, in addition to offering the facility that your credit will be approved in a few minutes, forgetting to go to tedious places to queue. The requirements that Harry Potter asks to obtain a loan are really minimal.

Harry Potter customers are satisfied with their processes, their personalized attention and the simplicity and ease involved in requesting a short-term loan from this company. Without a doubt it is an excellent option for all those people who need a credit in a short time.


Harry Potter offers the best interest rates to obtain loans and credits. The first loan of up to 300 euros is completely free, and the subsequent loans carry low interest rates depending on the time that we allocate to pay them. In the event that for some reason you can not return your loan within the established time, you have the opportunity to request a 30-day extension in exchange for a commission. The requirements for requesting a credit are minimal, and you can send them by email or through the website from the comfort of your home. There are several ways to return your payment, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Go ahead and choose Harry Potter as your company to apply for a short-term loan and enjoy all its benefits.

Free Microloans Or In Your Store Cash-Converters

Gandalf Cash Converter is a financial service with which you can receive an amount of cash instantly, easily and without the need for paperwork or endorsements. offers quick money to deal with unforeseen situations and return it comfortably a month later. These credits are small mini- credits are granted to those people who need quickly and easily with which they can immediately pick up the microloan in cash or directly in the account by a bank transfer.

In recent years, this type of online microcredit has become increasingly popular due to the difficulties that arise when we apply for a loan from a traditional bank. This type of credits are usually used to deal with a specific need such as the repair of the car’s damage, the payment of a receipt at a time when it was not counted, etc. When applying for a small loan it is best to have a series of things clear so as not to endanger your economy or misuse it.

Common causes for which a microloan is requested

In general, the request for a microcredit is usually linked to a series of options such as the manifestation of a few complicated months in which we have less money to meet all expenses, often happens a lot in September with the arrival of the new course school and in January after Christmas. Undoubtedly, these are dates on which we have certain extraordinary expenses that we notice the following month when we draw up the accounts.

However, the only reason to apply for a microcredit is not to be in trouble, also for a vacation and a leisure time you can ask for a small amount that allows it or that helps you to afford it. Not always the dates on which we enjoy holidays are those in which we have more money to enjoy a season of leisure, so the microcredits of are a wise choice to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Also, you can request a microcredit to give yourself a whim as the mobile phone that has just left and for which you run the risk that runs out.

The unforeseen are the order of the day, one of the characteristics of them is that they are unexpected and can catch us at a time when we do not have enough money to solve a last minute setback. For all this and much more is Gandalf , however, these are the most common causes for which a microcredit is requested.

What you should keep in mind when applying for a Microloan

At the time of requesting an online microloan you must take into account several aspects, among them the waiting time regarding the processing of the same and the speed with which the microcredit will be managed. Being small amounts, ranging between 50 and 300 € , the application should not take long, in fact, the quickest loans are those that are given in hand.

Another aspect to take into account is the possibility of requesting a microcredit without much paperwork, that is, with only the DNI and a proof of income that could be reviewed through online banking. The third and last aspect to consider is the term of return of the amount requested plus interest. Keep in mind that the more adjustments the days of payment less interest you will pay. complies with all these aspects, that is, it works efficiently to provide response to its clients in less than ten minutes and without hidden expenses, since all associated costs will be clearly reflected in the same loan simulation process.

In addition, within their stores there are Gandalf guides that can advise you both on your finances and how you can best optimize your interests. Here we show you the characteristics of the Gandalf microcredits:

– Speed: this is one of the factors by which the consumer tends to opt for Gandalf .

– Online: Gandalf offers us the possibility of carrying out the necessary steps to apply for the online microcredit , streamlining both the process and the disposition of the money.

In short, getting a microcredit instantly and without having to ask for payroll or a lot of paperwork, and even with certain promotions sometimes, is a good way to obtain momentary liquidity in a responsible manner and with the ability to return it within the term that has been agreed, is undoubtedly a good alternative to what we know as traditional financing.

Secure financing with

If you do not want to be a season under minimum for whatever reason, there is no way to get money instantly without some consideration. Escape the magic formulas, the only way to get money is through a job. However, what happens when there is no work and savings are exhausted? Is there any way to get money quickly? The answer is yes, you can get through a microcredit, the financing formula that came from the hand of banks that wanted to help with the same purpose of years ago but with smaller amounts. Thanks to companies like Gandalf, individuals can access, whatever their situation, to a microcredit.

What do you need to request a microcredit at

  • It is not necessary to deliver a large amount of documents, you only need your ID and bank account to verify your income. Easier impossible!
  • Calculate the amount you need and keep in mind that these microcredits serve to deal at a certain moment with a lack of liquidity. Be consistent with what you ask and what you do with it.
  • Be realistic with your current situation and keep in mind that you must have solvency to return the amount requested in the stipulated time, that is, a maximum of one month.

This type of credit is usually granted quickly, so when you find yourself with an emergency or with an expense that you did not count on, it will be enough to fill out the application and do the entire process in just ten minutes Depending on your bank you will receive the money by transfer from 24 to 48 hours. You can also have the cash in any of the Gandalf Cash-Converter stores and return it in the same way. Not bad, right?

If you are a new customer at

If you are a new customer in money, the first thing you have to know is that in Gandalf you can choose the first time for 300 euros, plus the first credit is free, you do not pay interest and if everything goes well and the payment is made according to As agreed, then you can choose other credits greater than 300 to 500 euros with a longer return period . The general requirements to access a Gandalf micro loan :

  • Be a resident in Spain
  • Have the DNI in force
  • Age between 18 and 75 years
  • Have a personal bank account
  • Have an email address
  • Count on a personal mobile phone number
  • Have demonstrable periodic income.
  • Not have a debt exceeding 1,000 euros and be up to date with payment

Apply for online microcredit with Gandalf

Make your request through the Gandalf’s website just choose the amount and the number of days it will take to return it . Then you will have to fill out the identification form and wait for them to verify your data safely, you will receive an immediate response. You will obtain your microcredit in less than 10 minutes!

How to apply for credits with Gandalf

When we think about requesting a credit with , we must bear in mind that you can only access it by requesting an advance in the first place. That is, you must first have been credit of a payroll advance and then become a Gandalf microcredit client. To know this type of credit, you just have to call the entity and the person in charge of assisting you will help you with the amount you need to ask for, the deadline to return it and in a few minutes you will be able to get the amount you need.

How a Gandalf mini-credit is returned

In Gandalf returns, the same steps must always be followed.

Pay early. If you are thinking of paying ahead of time, do not hesitate to pay, since you can do it without the mini-credit platform putting a penalty.

How to return the money. For this, you only have to make a transfer or an account income to the number of it will give you so that you return the agreed amounts.

Gandalf, only works with the Santander bank, so if you want to make a transfer or deposit of money it must be for that bank.

If what you are thinking about returning the money in cash, you must go to the multiple stands that Gandalf has established throughout Spain.

You must bear in mind that once you have the credit, the amounts will not change from month to month unless you decide to change the time of return of the money.

What is Gandalf & Lilo

Gandalf is a company that is associated with the Lilo, better known as the Spanish Loan Association. An association that is responsible for keeping all customers protected and brings together all companies that meet all the requirements for credits, as is the case of Gandalf.

How are the renewals of mini-credits with Gandalf

Sometimes it happens, we have every good intention to return a loan but in the end we can not do it for some reason that is beyond our reach and we do not know what to do.

If this is your case or you think it may happen, this section interests you a lot, since you can request a renewal of the credit so that they give you a little more time of life and you can pay the credit without having problems of delinquency. You will be charged a small delinquency fee and you will have to pay it along with the total credit to meet the new deadline.

To pay you must make an entry in the accounts of Gandalf, leaving your ID so that you can identify who owns the payment. If you have a nearby Gandalf store, you can also make the payment on them. Do not forget to put your ID, because if you can not see who the payment is, your debt will go into default.

Advantages of Gandalf

Gandalf is a company that has removed the R to its name and has become one of the best financial services companies in which there are no room for delays or rivalries.

The team of professionals that the company has, receives the request and examines it to see if it is an application eligible to receive a loan. The entity is able to respond to requests in a matter of minutes and in case it is approved, deposit the money in your account in a matter of a few minutes.

In money, you can get microcredits of up to 500 euros through the safest forms of financing in the market and get a deal with professionals who offer you total transparency in all respects and also the help needed to simplify the procedures to get the mini-credit In addition to that, money, admits requests that in other companies are totally rejected. If you are looking for a complete information about the credits of money, do not hesitate to contact one of its stores of Gandalf Cash-Converter in which a team of professionals will be happy to assist you. In addition, you can get to see the seriousness with which Gandalf works.

Why is it important to know how to ask for a loan?

In most cases, before asking for a loan with this entity you should know that the money professionals can give you many ideas on how to manage the credit so you can get the amount you need without any problem.

Thanks to money, you can make any type of owner a reality in a matter of minutes, since it allows you to solve your contingencies or gives you the possibility of realizing any type of dream.

In many cases, Gandalf’s team of professionals can help you organize your credit and ensure good financial health.

All the credits of money have advantages that no other entity gives, since they are thought to obtain the best option for each client, what makes that the clients that money can get in a matter of minutes an amount that would be more complicated to obtain If it were not for this method, even with clients who have been in the business, money has made them able to make their dreams come true.

What are the requirements that I will be asked for a loan with Gandalf

As far as the money credits are concerned , several requirements must be met in order to get the entity to give you the credit. These requirements are based on the type of credit you are looking for.

Among the requirements of money are the following

  • You must have an age between 18 and 65 years
  • You must be a resident in Spain and also have a DNI
  • You must have a mobile phone with a personal number
  • You must have regular income to verify that you can take charge of the amounts to be paid.
  • Gandalf, reviews all the delinquency statements of the clients but does not make it a definitive decision.

What costs do they charge in Gandalf

In many cases, when a mini-loan is requested, a small interest will be added month by month, which money will make clear to you before you start.

When is a credit convenient?

When to ask for a credit with money. In many of the cases, people need a recent cash inflow to help them get something they need at that time through the credits. Many entities no longer give credits to people who are in the asnef, however, you can get a credit with money without problem even if you have problems of delinquency.

You can get a credit with money quickly when you have emergencies, crises, illnesses, or want to get something.

How Gandalf works

Believe it or not, in just 10 minutes you can enjoy money in your bank account with money without any problem.

You can ask for credits in Cash-Converters stores

For this, you should only go to one of the stores of the entity and they will give you an answer almost immediately. A qualified professional will advise you and verify through your ID in seconds that you are a fit person.

You must go with your current ID and a document in which you can see that you are the owner of a bank account with monthly income.

Identity is Trustly

It is one of the best options in the credit market, since through it you can verify the identity of each person. In order to have an account here, you must have a bank account with BBVA, la Caixa, Banco Sabadell, Banco Pastro, Bankinter, Banco Popular, ING direct. If you do not know how to do it, go to a money shop and they will help you.

You will need your payroll for this step or something that proves that you charge.

Make it online

Another way is that you can make a credit request online. You must put the amount you want and the time you think you need to return the amount of money. This means that identification can be done in a much safer way, with a personalized account.

It will only take you a few minutes and 10 minutes to complete this process to receive the information, without having to leave your home.

Request by phone

It is another of the most famous options in money , since it can be requested by phone with a simple call. In order to request a credit by phone you must identify yourself with your customer information and say the amount you want and what is the term you need to return it.

Gandalf extensions

If you are already going to meet the deadline that you have given to pay but still do not have the agreed amount, then you must request an extension for that credit, so that the entity has no doubt that you will pay and give you a Little more time to do it.

Opt for Gandalf whenever you want

Spend a few difficult months. Sometimes the expenses accumulate and there are months like December or September that are much more complicated than the rest.

The vacations. Going on vacation always gives us health and tranquility, so during these months, the best option is to ask for a credit

Unforeseen It is something that happens to all of us and we must have the security of a company that gives us a little fluidity in our economy.

Whims. It is very common too. We already have everything we earn destined, but the last game that we love has just come out or the launch of an incredible phone that we can not afford. For those cases, minicredit